Monday, 27 June 2011

KM Efforts - Maximum Efforts

Well I wish the weather would make its mind up, I walked to work this morning with no coat and Oakleys on, when I sat  at my desk the heavens opened outside. When it was time to go home the sun appeared and I was lucky enough to put my Oakleys back on and walk home in the lovely sunshine. After getting home and putting my running gear on the rain came back... what's going on?

We met at the pool of Wales, where the pool was closed as there was a issue with the pool heatings, alarms were going off so they stopped people using the pool for the evening so there goes my after run shower, the call for the shower run was gone, what did we have to look forward to now?

The set was called as KM efforts, we did a warm up for about 2km and then we turned, 4KM out and 2Km back. To finish we did 30 second efforts. 5 x 30 seconds hard and 30 seconds recovery... This session hurt! I found myself at the end of each KM I was gasping for air! Which means it was a tough one!

Even though they were only 1km distances I still managed to get in under 7 minute miles through all the registered laps. I was really grateful for the 1 minute recovery time to get my breath back, but I was also happy as it only took me 1 minute to recover before we set off again. We were still split into 3 groups Very Fast, Medium Fast and Fast. I can only getting faster to!

The HR chart shows my recovery time is very quick and it felt great in the recovery zone for the 1 minute, the 4 minutes in the extreme zone on the other hand felt something different! I feel better better for it though which is always good!

On another positive note I remembered my watch tonight hence all the pretty pictures and stats :)

Todays Session

Duration 00 47 32
Distance 5.64
Calories 752
Average HR 164BPM
Max HR 180BPM

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