Thursday, 23 June 2011

Intervals In The Sun

A lovely evening for some running, not to cold and not to hot and even the rain had stayed away. I dug out the Oakleys and met up with the club runners for a large interval session.

The session tonight was 5 x (4 min 98% Max HR, 3 Min 70% Max HR Recovery)

A good turn out for a Thursday night and as its the half Ironman distance race in the Cotswolds this weekend I was surprised. Good luck to all eh club runners for this weekend, infact good luck to all competitors doing the race. I hope next year I can join you.

As im not racing till 2 weeks time I wanted to work hard at this session, I did this session last week but only worked at 75% as I was racing on Saturday, but tonight was a different story.

I worked extremely hard during each 4 minutes, so hard that for the last minute on each occasion I was clock watching. In each recovery session I would walk the first minute to recover and then jog for the final 2 minutes, to get my heart rate ready for the 4 minutes.

Throughout the 4 minute hard session I never dropped below the 7 minute mile pace, which im really happy about. Even pushed out a under 6 minute mile pace on the first set. Also in these 4 minutes I was averaging out over 0.6 of a mile - Cracking distances!

As the wind was relatively strong I was still wearing my Skins full length tights and black underarmour, I think there going to end up being warn all summer. I wish the weather would get that little bit hotter. I've been looking at new compression gear, especially for my calf recovery. I have been recommended CompressSport supports, I can wear then under my wetsuit while racing and wear them for training. If I can afford it I'll get a pair for each workout (race & training) Anyone else use them please let me know your advice.

Todays session

Duration 01 01 54
Distance 5.60 miles
Calories 721
Average HR 161BPM
Max HR 182
Best Pace 04:49 min mile
Average Pace 07:42 min mile

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