Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I Still Cant See The Bottom

 I decided to miss the 5k Swansea Bay race to pursue the club open water swim down Glyn Neath, and what a great swim it was. There was a good turn out from the club and twice as many people as last week, which made up two groups. I was put into the faster group which I was pretty please about, only because it made me work harder to keep up with the ace in the group. I would have been very happy going with the other group for an easier swim, but no pain... no gain!

The water was just as warm as I remembered from last week, I let a bit of water down the front of the suit, took my breath away and then I was fine. I did a little stroke warm up, put my head under the water and I couldn't see the bottom, I thought "Oh my I cant touch the bottom, Its deep.... Really deep!".

The coach called the set of 2 loops of the lake, there were more buoys in the lake this week so we could see where the turn point was. As I was in the faster group I found myself at the back, which wasn't a bad thing as I could swim in someones draft in the water, which made the stroke a bit easier.. not that much.. but every little helps.

After the first lap I saw the coach and she commented that my arm is crossing my body after the stroke which is effecting my speed. I've always noticed this and always unfortunately done it with my swimming stroke, so I need to go back to basics and work on a wider swim. After my 2nd lap of the lake I was asked to go out to one of the closest buoys and try out this wide arm swim. I think it looked very daft and it didn't feel comfortable, but nothing will feel comfortable if it goes against your normal stroke.

I suppose I best get in the pool and try this wide stroke.. might be an idea to do it in an empty pool mind as I dont fancy whacking some poor person in the face.

My arms are wide.. but not that wide :)

I ended up swimming just shy of 3000 meters, I've never swam that before EVER in one sitting (non stop), a personal best for me and something I am very proud about, its a step closer for me getting to the Ironman distance. Roll on 2012 for a half Ironman... or maybe 1013 on second thoughts!

Todays session

Duration 00 50 00
Distance 2913 Meters

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