Friday, 24 June 2011

Dull Day Friday Run, But Feeling Great!

Another crap day weather wise so the scheduled bike ride had to be put on hold and out came the running shoes again. After running hard last night I tend not to run Fridays but as my rest day was Tuesday this week I had to go out. I ummed and arred about what route to take and at the last minute I changed the route from 8 miles to 6. I know that's a bit of a cop out but it was raining, it was Friday and I've got a long bike scheduled for tomorrow.

Normally after a hard interval session I find it hard walking to and from work so why were my legs feeling great, 1 mile, 2 mile, 3 miles in no heavy legs this is great, why cant every run be like this. I finished the 6 miles as fresh as I started.. Have I broken a new barrier, am I stepping my fitness up to the next stage?

I found myself happily on cruise control and clocking in 7 and half minute miles, I wasn't tired I wasn't gasping for breath I felt great.. Have I already said that?

I got into the training zone about 10 minutes in and stayed there throughout the duration of the session, the rain didn't put me off. My ipod helped me forget about the rain!

I wish this rain would go away, its meant to be summer but it doesn't look like its every going to turn up. This year I've only raced triathlon in the rain and wind, perhaps I should move to a sunny climate as this is probably the only way im going to get to race in the sun. I dont think I'd have any issues telling my wife we are moving to a place in the sun!

Lap 6 let me down tonight, but it is all up hill to home my next house is going to be on a flat! Lap 7 is the warm down so it pushed the average mile pace up a little.

Todays session

Duration 00 46 43
Distance 6.10 miles
Calories 852
Max HR 157BPM
Average HR 176BPM
Average Pace 07:36
Best Pace 04:12

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