Wednesday, 1 June 2011

1st Day of Juneathlon - Light Running

Its the first day of Juneathon, I did a similar thing in January called Janathon, this is where you need to clock in some form of exercise everyday and log it on there choose website and blog it. This is what started me off with my blogging and training session and its stuck. Check out the logo on my blog on the right hand side and click on it to find out more.

I'm still on my taper as I'm racing on Sunday, Wales half marathon, so im sticking to 5 miles max or out for no longer than 45 minutes, and I've got to rest/very easy days scheduled on the training front for Friday and Saturday as I normally wouldn't do anything but as its Juneathon I'll do something.

After my last run on Sunday which was complete rubbish I was looking forward to this run as I had Monday off as I went to watch Swansea City v Reading which was a very long day so no run that day and as I was still shattered on Tuesday so I decided not to run on empty. Well done to the Swans I knew we would do it!

I decided to run the normal 5 miles route I did the other day and it felt 100 times better, I had drive in my legs and the energy to keep going for the 5 miles at the same pace. I wore some new light enhancement glasses that were recommended to me, from LIDL of all places and they are brilliant for £8. They do steam up a bit but I need to give them a good wipe and they are fine. I was in 2 mind to buy the light enhancing lens for my Oakleys but these will do for now. 

When I got to my turn point I could have kept going but I had to think that im racing Sunday so take it easy Martyn! I took it really easy today and still clocked in under 8 minute miles which im really happy with. I just hope I can get a good time in on Sunday for the half. It was pretty mild out there tonight, the strong winds we had last week have totally disappeared, but I still went out with skins and underarmour on, the weekend it suppose to be a cracking one with highs of 20'c so fingers crossed I can leave the underarmour at home.

The last lap was a cool down and stretching lap, it is very important to keep stretching after each session, and its important to get fluids on board and good meal down your neck so you get a full recovery. My dinner had to wait till 3 hours later tonight as I has cut the lawns before it went dark. Also it had to be done by order of the management... aka my wife.

Todays session

Duration 00 38 47
Distance 5.05 miles
Calories 704
Average HR 159BPM
Max HR 178BPM


  1. Enjoy taper. You only need to run a short way each day till the half at the weekend.
    Enjoy Juneathon

  2. Good job on day 1, I'd have counted mowing the lawn as juneathon activity! :-)


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