Thursday, 30 June 2011

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Lovely Lake Laps.. Hippo Like...

I missed out last week on the lake swim and I understand it was a good one to miss, it was cold, dark and the lake even had waves. Todays session couldn't be more different, the lake was really flat, mill pond like and idea swimming conditions.

The set was kept simple, 2 laps of the lake and as the lake was nice and flat I was happy with that, I thought that this set was going to be easy. Well how wrong was I..

The first lap went fine, I went off with the faster group and kept on there feet all the way around, which I was really happy with. I'm getting better with my swimming and im already looking to up the distance in my events, and 1500 meters doesn't look that daunting any more.

We swam a wider lap in the session, so the spotters could follow us if we came into trouble, but I kept seeing the bottom which gave me the spooks so I kept going into the deeper part of the lake so I wasn't too scared... I sound like a right softy... But I have visions of someone or something coming from the bottom and taking me away.

The majority of the faster group I did my 1st lap with raced eh Cotswolds 313 (half Ironman) so they were only interested in a loosener so they were content with one lap, my training plan said I had to complete 2 laps so wanted for the next group of swimmers so I didn't get lonely on my 2nd lap. I dont know what happened but this lap was really difficult, I couldn't get a rhythm, water was staying in my ears and my stroke was a right mess.

We were lucky enough to have someone looking after us in the lake in a canoe so if anyone happened to be struggling they would save the day with their canoe. I hope he wasn't looking at my stroke on the 2nd lap as it was a right mess. We also had one of the club members out with us taking snaps of us in the lake, it was a big club session so im sure he was busy taking snaps. I hope he hasn't put on Facebook all my crap ones!

One I found, I look like a hippo coming out the water, all I was missing was my ears flapping back and fore!

This was the state of me finishing the 2nd lap, but I know why I was so knackered after the session as I only had 4 Rivitta for lunch, note to self eat more at lunch if im doing a hard session in the evening. On the plus side I managed to eat my dinner and 2 scones with jam and cream when I got home, and it was worth it for that swim.

Todays session

Duration 00 55 00
Distance 2543 meters

Monday, 27 June 2011

KM Efforts - Maximum Efforts

Well I wish the weather would make its mind up, I walked to work this morning with no coat and Oakleys on, when I sat  at my desk the heavens opened outside. When it was time to go home the sun appeared and I was lucky enough to put my Oakleys back on and walk home in the lovely sunshine. After getting home and putting my running gear on the rain came back... what's going on?

We met at the pool of Wales, where the pool was closed as there was a issue with the pool heatings, alarms were going off so they stopped people using the pool for the evening so there goes my after run shower, the call for the shower run was gone, what did we have to look forward to now?

The set was called as KM efforts, we did a warm up for about 2km and then we turned, 4KM out and 2Km back. To finish we did 30 second efforts. 5 x 30 seconds hard and 30 seconds recovery... This session hurt! I found myself at the end of each KM I was gasping for air! Which means it was a tough one!

Even though they were only 1km distances I still managed to get in under 7 minute miles through all the registered laps. I was really grateful for the 1 minute recovery time to get my breath back, but I was also happy as it only took me 1 minute to recover before we set off again. We were still split into 3 groups Very Fast, Medium Fast and Fast. I can only getting faster to!

The HR chart shows my recovery time is very quick and it felt great in the recovery zone for the 1 minute, the 4 minutes in the extreme zone on the other hand felt something different! I feel better better for it though which is always good!

On another positive note I remembered my watch tonight hence all the pretty pictures and stats :)

Todays Session

Duration 00 47 32
Distance 5.64
Calories 752
Average HR 164BPM
Max HR 180BPM

Early Bike Catches The Cloud

I decided to have a rest day on Saturday, I ran late-ish on Friday evening and after a lie in and looking out the window to still raining I decided to go out shopping and make my way down to Pembrokeshire to see the family. I also decided to take my bike down as the weather man said it was going to be a glorious day on Sunday.

I woke up early on Sunday, so I could beat the hottest part of the day on the bike and get some miles in on the quiet roads.

The roads were completely quiet, not a sole was to be seen, apart from the over night camping surfers. It was a cracking ride and it was hard enough for me to build up a sweat but easy enough for me not to get completely shattered. It was only 22 miles as well so next time I need to look on how I can extend the route so I can get more saddle time.

Although it was a beautiful day on Sunday, first thing it was still a little chilly so I had on underarmour, my short sleeved and long sleeved cycle jacket on but I was in cycle shorts. I also wore my light enhancement glasses from Lidl but they kept steaming up so if anyone has got any tips to stop your bike glasses steaming up please shout. My Oakleys dont but that's because my Lidl ones cost £8 and my Oakleys cost £140 so I expect them not to steam up! I expect them to race for me!

I understand that some of the route I completed is on the Ironman Wales route, but I did it back to front from what I have read so good luck to the people riding it later this year. As I've done some of the cycle route does that make me copper man or Aluminium man?

I forgot to pack my bloody Garmin again so I have tracked the bike route on mapmybike so I dont have the full info from the ride which is disappointing. I think we are going down to Pembrokeshire again next week so I will have to remember the watch and remember to plot a bigger ride.

Todays session

Duration 01 30 00
Distance 21.83 miles

Friday, 24 June 2011

Dull Day Friday Run, But Feeling Great!

Another crap day weather wise so the scheduled bike ride had to be put on hold and out came the running shoes again. After running hard last night I tend not to run Fridays but as my rest day was Tuesday this week I had to go out. I ummed and arred about what route to take and at the last minute I changed the route from 8 miles to 6. I know that's a bit of a cop out but it was raining, it was Friday and I've got a long bike scheduled for tomorrow.

Normally after a hard interval session I find it hard walking to and from work so why were my legs feeling great, 1 mile, 2 mile, 3 miles in no heavy legs this is great, why cant every run be like this. I finished the 6 miles as fresh as I started.. Have I broken a new barrier, am I stepping my fitness up to the next stage?

I found myself happily on cruise control and clocking in 7 and half minute miles, I wasn't tired I wasn't gasping for breath I felt great.. Have I already said that?

I got into the training zone about 10 minutes in and stayed there throughout the duration of the session, the rain didn't put me off. My ipod helped me forget about the rain!

I wish this rain would go away, its meant to be summer but it doesn't look like its every going to turn up. This year I've only raced triathlon in the rain and wind, perhaps I should move to a sunny climate as this is probably the only way im going to get to race in the sun. I dont think I'd have any issues telling my wife we are moving to a place in the sun!

Lap 6 let me down tonight, but it is all up hill to home my next house is going to be on a flat! Lap 7 is the warm down so it pushed the average mile pace up a little.

Todays session

Duration 00 46 43
Distance 6.10 miles
Calories 852
Max HR 157BPM
Average HR 176BPM
Average Pace 07:36
Best Pace 04:12

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Intervals In The Sun

A lovely evening for some running, not to cold and not to hot and even the rain had stayed away. I dug out the Oakleys and met up with the club runners for a large interval session.

The session tonight was 5 x (4 min 98% Max HR, 3 Min 70% Max HR Recovery)

A good turn out for a Thursday night and as its the half Ironman distance race in the Cotswolds this weekend I was surprised. Good luck to all eh club runners for this weekend, infact good luck to all competitors doing the race. I hope next year I can join you.

As im not racing till 2 weeks time I wanted to work hard at this session, I did this session last week but only worked at 75% as I was racing on Saturday, but tonight was a different story.

I worked extremely hard during each 4 minutes, so hard that for the last minute on each occasion I was clock watching. In each recovery session I would walk the first minute to recover and then jog for the final 2 minutes, to get my heart rate ready for the 4 minutes.

Throughout the 4 minute hard session I never dropped below the 7 minute mile pace, which im really happy about. Even pushed out a under 6 minute mile pace on the first set. Also in these 4 minutes I was averaging out over 0.6 of a mile - Cracking distances!

As the wind was relatively strong I was still wearing my Skins full length tights and black underarmour, I think there going to end up being warn all summer. I wish the weather would get that little bit hotter. I've been looking at new compression gear, especially for my calf recovery. I have been recommended CompressSport supports, I can wear then under my wetsuit while racing and wear them for training. If I can afford it I'll get a pair for each workout (race & training) Anyone else use them please let me know your advice.

Todays session

Duration 01 01 54
Distance 5.60 miles
Calories 721
Average HR 161BPM
Max HR 182
Best Pace 04:49 min mile
Average Pace 07:42 min mile

Swimming Inside - Borring But Atleast I Can See The Bottom!

I had an unexpected rest day Tuesday as I picked my wife up from working away in Switzerland for the past 2 weeks so it was lovely to spend the evening with her.

I switched the swim day from Tuesday to Wednesday which unfortunately meant it was indoors in the pool.  Its been a while since I swam in the pool so it would be a change from swimming in my suit in the local lake. I decided that I was going to keep the set simple and double up each time on each set.

So this worked out as:

1 x 250m, 1 x 500m, 1 x 750m and finished with a 250m warm down = 1750 meter swim

The pool was its general empty self as I remember, same faces and same club swimming in the next set of lanes. Those kids must work hard, the make me look im swimming backwards.

When I used to get in the pool before I have been completing the lake swims I used to think that 1000 meters was daunting in the pool and how can I ever swim that far but last night seem so easy. Apart from the tired arms I could have kept on going. It is annoying that you have to stop and push off the end of the pool and complete tumble turns, in the lake its none of this stopping stuff and you get a good rhythm in the stroke and with your breathing.

As I've been struggling with my arm crossing my body after the stroke, so I was recommended that I try a wider arm stroke. I was doing this every 5th 25meter. I had to keep an eye out for other swimmer though as I didnt want to end up whacking one in the face, and one of the other swimmers in my lane was my wife so that's the last thing I want to do!

Todays Session

Duration 00 45 00
Distance 1750 meters

Monday, 20 June 2011

A VERY Wet Monday Night Run

After my day off yesterday I was ready for a good old run. Even though it was lashing down outside I didnt care, so I put on my running coat and met the lads at the meeting point and off we went. To save stopping and starting with efforts we decided to clock in a long run.

It was a good turn out for the a Monday night and and the weather didn't put the guys off, we decided the route in the dry so we knew where we were going if we got split up. For the first 2 miles I think we ran as a group I stayed pretty close to the front so im not sure if the other dropped off. I tend to work hard and keep working hard through all the sessions on a Monday and dont give up until the end of the session.

My heart rate doesn't drop below the 160BPM in the session which is my training zone and it peaked at 178BPM its not the highest its been but i made sure I work hard enough to stay in the front pack and have enough energy to kick on at the end. The dip in the heart rate is where we stopped and wait for the rest of the group and finished the last mile together for the shower mile home.

Todays session

Duration 01 02 07
Distance 7.81 miles
Calories 1083
Average HR 160BPM
Max HR 178BPM
Average Pace 07:56 min mile
Best Pace 05:29 min mile

Swansea Mumbles Sprint Triathlon

This was a VERY early start for me, a 05:30 meet in Swansea to get prepared and in the zone ready to race. It had rained all week and I had a feeling it wasn't going to give up on Saturday for the race.

On the drive down to the race the heavens opened and a  down poor happened, I though oh my this is going to be one of those days, the sea looked aggressive as the skies. When I pulled up and parked the car I waited for a window for the rain to stop and out I got. Well that was the last of the rain for the race and I was very happy.

I decided that I was going to do the super sprint which was 750m swim, 21km bike and a 3km run. The swim was the same distance as the long course so just the bike and run were shorter.

I think my swimming is getting better and better each time I get into the water, which I am really happy about. The route for the swim was simple around 2 buoys and back home. It was a very tight channel for the swim so I got a few kicks and arms in the face but im sure I gave as good as I got. The water didn't taste to great but my breathing is getting better to so I took less water in at this event, maybe at the next one it will be less again?

On getting out the sea and making my way to the transition I knew this change wasn't going to be easy, as I found it hard finding the cord for the suit once I managed to grab I I got the suit off and there was no stopping me, helmet and light glass on, cycle shoes and unhooked the bike and off I went and 30 yards down the transition I clicked I forgot my race belt with my number on, so I turned back which cost me time, maybe one day I'll get a perfect transition in a race.

I really enjoyed the bike and found the hills on the race not so bad, I found my rhythm relatively easy in the race, and even though it was only 21km I really enjoyed it. One thing I didn't enjoy though was taking a tumble on entering transition on my bike discount. I dismounted with momentum and when I tried to trot on with my bike shoes on I lost traction and took a tumble and took the bike with me... I even got an OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhh from the crowd, I didn't hurt and I'm not cut just a little road rash... I'll survive and I did have a giggle at the crowds response. I just carried on and racked my bike and changed my shoes and off I set for the run. 

The run was relatively simple and I didn't much "Jelly legs" from the bike so I must be getting use to the change from my brick sessions I've been doing. I finished the race with a nice paced run and at the finish line there was a nice bottle of water and a camera man waiting for me! The results came out pretty quick and I was VERY happy with my finishing place..

I couldn't believe it... 91 people raced and I came 16th...

I loved the race and I will definitely do this race again.

Todays session

Duration 01 20 36
Distance 750m swim, 21km bike, 3km run

Friday, 17 June 2011

Light Interval - The Right Way

What a mess I made with my Garmin, wrong buttons pressed, wrong times, a complete parlava!

As im racing on Saturday this was my last session, a light one, but a great one, before race day. It was a interval session, a proper one this time with the club.

The set was 6 x (3min 95% and 2min 80% recovery) I probably went 75% and % 55% which was just what I wanted.

We did a warm up and some work on our striding, I think this is going to be a great help to me as I landing while running just isn't right which I think probably gives me the calf and hamstring issues.

It was another small groups at the club run, im not sure why the numbers have dipped it s a great session and I've had massive gains from attending.

Well this is where the Garmin went wrong, There was meant to to be six humps as it was a 6 repeat session, but I managed to press the wrong button on my watch and lost/missed the first stage. I fiddled about and managed to get it sorted for the 2nd stage. I wanted to work hard enough in the workout to get my legs loose and keep my heart rate in eh zone, but just enough to get me sweaty.

Normally in the recovery period I tend to jog and keep my pace high, but this session I decided to walk and jog quite slowly make sure I fully recovered before the next hard 3 minutes. I'm still happy with my time as I managed to clock in under 9 minute miles.

I think im in pretty good shape for my race tomorrow I just hope the weather gets better!

Todays session

Duration 00 53 16
Distance 4.22 Miles
Calories 541
Average HR 142BPM
Max HR 166BPM
Best Pace 6.18 Min Mile

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I Still Cant See The Bottom

 I decided to miss the 5k Swansea Bay race to pursue the club open water swim down Glyn Neath, and what a great swim it was. There was a good turn out from the club and twice as many people as last week, which made up two groups. I was put into the faster group which I was pretty please about, only because it made me work harder to keep up with the ace in the group. I would have been very happy going with the other group for an easier swim, but no pain... no gain!

The water was just as warm as I remembered from last week, I let a bit of water down the front of the suit, took my breath away and then I was fine. I did a little stroke warm up, put my head under the water and I couldn't see the bottom, I thought "Oh my I cant touch the bottom, Its deep.... Really deep!".

The coach called the set of 2 loops of the lake, there were more buoys in the lake this week so we could see where the turn point was. As I was in the faster group I found myself at the back, which wasn't a bad thing as I could swim in someones draft in the water, which made the stroke a bit easier.. not that much.. but every little helps.

After the first lap I saw the coach and she commented that my arm is crossing my body after the stroke which is effecting my speed. I've always noticed this and always unfortunately done it with my swimming stroke, so I need to go back to basics and work on a wider swim. After my 2nd lap of the lake I was asked to go out to one of the closest buoys and try out this wide arm swim. I think it looked very daft and it didn't feel comfortable, but nothing will feel comfortable if it goes against your normal stroke.

I suppose I best get in the pool and try this wide stroke.. might be an idea to do it in an empty pool mind as I dont fancy whacking some poor person in the face.

My arms are wide.. but not that wide :)

I ended up swimming just shy of 3000 meters, I've never swam that before EVER in one sitting (non stop), a personal best for me and something I am very proud about, its a step closer for me getting to the Ironman distance. Roll on 2012 for a half Ironman... or maybe 1013 on second thoughts!

Todays session

Duration 00 50 00
Distance 2913 Meters

Monday, 13 June 2011

Interval That Went Wrong...

Run club was cancelled as its the Swansea bay 5k race tomorrow, alot of the guys are doing the event so we decided to knock it on the head tonight.

I on the other hand had a session planned anyway, an interval session with Audiofuel.

Apart from I put it on my ipod in the wrong order so I had 1 5 minute warm up, then 1 hard and 3 light sets.. totally messed up the evening run. I had clicked by the 2 back to back recovery sets so I just switched it off and carried on with half mile reps.

The speed graph above shows how it went wrong, by the end of the session I had clicked that the audio was to blame, well im to blame as I put the audiofuel on my ipod in the wrong order, as it was meant to be a 175BPM max session and I think I stayed to that end of the program if nothing else.

As I ran 10 miles yesterday this was meant to be a light session about 3.5 - 4 miles I estimated. It was pretty hot out there so I managed to find a relatively flat route of 0.5 miles so I wanted to keep it easy. I've got a open water training swim tomorrow and then I can start my taper for race day on Saturday. I just got the race pack for Mumbles Triathlon, its a early start 5:30 am! Ouch!

Todays session

Duration 00 30 12
Distance 3.88 miles
Calories 529
Average HR 152BPM
Max HR 170BPM
Average Pace 7.42
Max Pace 5.52

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Wet, Wet.. WET Run!

When I woke up this morning and looked out the window I saw the rain, it was proper rain coming from all angles up, down, sideways and every angle imaginable. I looked at my training plan and my face dropped, long run.. in this weather... oh bugger!.

My wife has gone to Switzerland for 2 weeks with work so I'm home alone, she works for the Wales FA.  I dropped her off at the meeting point and she got on the team bus and off she went. Before we left I packed my running gear in my bag and put it in the boot, I had a route in mind but I was hoping the rain may lighten a little bit before I got out there as it may sway my decision.

While driving home the rain seemed to get harder, I was coming closer to the motorway junction and said to myself man up and get out there so I got off the motorway and parked up my car and got out there. The rain was still coming down but after 10 minutes of being out there it didn't bother me anymore and I found my rhythm.

I decided to do a route that we normally do with the elite group on a Monday, which is about 6 miles so I went out to the Swansea Pier and back home, well back to where I parked the car. It was great run beside the rain and I kept a decent pace throughout the run. Its relatively flat after the initial hill but a testing run all the way.

Lap 11 was a warm down, but I managed to press lap and stop on the Garmin so it didn't record the whole warm down so its probably dragged the average time down.

My heart rate stayed pretty stable throughout the run, it went higher at the end because I was keen to get home. I think my heart rate recovery is getting alot quicker, but now I think I need to work on speed injection, any tips.

Todays session

Duration 01 19 20
Distance 10.02 Miles
Calories 1411
Average HR 164BPM
Max HR 177BPM
Average Pace 07.54

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Brick By Brick... I'll Get There!

 After my rest day yesterday I was keen to get up early, get out there and get back and enjoy some of the day. My wife forced me to get her breakfast in bed so this delayed me to 10am before I got out, but I didnt mind as its my turn tomorrow.

I decided this brick was only going to be an hour out on the road, so I chose a local bike route and a short run. I estimated the bike was about going to be about 10 miles and the run 2-3 miles.

I dont know why but I find it alot easier to go training in the morning, I feel fresh and full of beans I've noticed recently in the evening I've felt lacking in energy and in a cant be arsed mode. But enough of the bad vibes, today felt great and as soon as I got on the bike I was ready to take on the world. The roads were relatively quiet and it felt like I was the only person on the road, I didn't have to stop to give way all the way on the route, it felt like the roads had been closed especially for me.

It wasn't raining which was great, it was darkish so I put on my light enhancing glasses and it was all bright again, I wish I could wear them everyday so every day was bright! I can tell I had a good ride as I was averaging a 15 MPH pace. I know the route wasn't full of massive uphills but enough to get my heart rate pumping into the training zone.

As soon as I got to the top of my street I dismounted correctly and mocked a transition line and trotted to the front door, key in, bike in, shoes off, trainers on, helmet off and back out I went. A quick transition for me, I had a slight jelly leg moment but nothing drastic so I'm hoping my legs are starting to get use to the switching. My first running mile was a 6 minute mile, I was amazed I had run the 1st mile off the bike so quick, I hope I can carry this form to my next event in a week. Although I only ran 2.18 miles my legs felt good, ready for my long run tomorrow.

Todays session

Duration 00 58 02
Distance 12.71



Friday, 10 June 2011

Pain In The Butt - Bike Session

Ive been ready for a bike session all week so I couldn't wait  to get out there on the road with my still new bike. I've had the bike for a month now so it still new OK..

I got out my yellow jersey and put on my Oakleys and off I went, I had a crap day in the office so this is just want I needed to get the office out my head. I had decided route, a 30 miler one I did last time so I had a baseline time and it was similar weather too, so I knew what was expected.

I think im getting a lot better on the bike and my average speed has gone up considerably since the I started road biking. I know im never going to be a pro but every little step is a step better. This route on the way out has a strong head wind and when you turn for home some how it turns into a side wind.. I never get how thats possible?

I managed to keep a steady heart rate through the ride, but the heart rate does rise at the end of the cycle as this is the last hill for home, so I get out the saddle and give it some welly. Im also happy to stretch my legs out on the climbs as my bottom is hurting from the saddle. This is because 1) im not getting out on the bike enough and once I use the bike more my bum will get used to the saddle or 2) the saddle is rubbish so I need a new one. How do you tell if your saddle is crap?

The route is mostly flat so when a hill does come along its great to break that rhythm and get the legs working harder. Although I would prefer it if it was down hill all the way home.

The road were very quiet for a Thursday evening but I did clock 5 police cars, perhaps they were out catching criminals, but they had pulled one car over and they had him on breathalyser, I had gone past before I had a chance to see/hear the results.

Rest day Friday.. woohoo!

Todays session

Duration 01 56 11
Distance 31.16
Calories 1984
Average HR 133BPM
Max HR 177BPM
Average Speed 16.1MPH
Max Speed 33.7MPH

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Bike Session Off, Curry Session On!

I had planned to do a long bike session tonight as I haven't been out on my bike for over a week and it was about time I used it. I had planned the route and when I got home I totally forgot that I had a surprise birthday party to attend. I also forgot it was at a curry house! This totally destroyed my bike plans as I had to be at the party for 7pm. So I decided to do a little tempo run in the park.

I already had tired-ish legs so I didn't want to go flat out so I decided to keep my heart rate in the lower training zones. I clocked in 9 minute miles on the route, which is mainly uphill, not massive up hills but enough to get the legs working hard and blow away any stiffness from the weekend race.

I haven't done a park run for some time, It does have some killer hills but its a nice enough route to give you a break on the down hills. Also there is normally hardly any people in there so they done she you busting a gut to get up the hills.

It was only a quick 30 minute work out but enough to build up my appetite for the evenings curry, its curry house I hadn't been to before so I hope its good. I burnt off enough calories for a pint of coke to go with the meal... that's about it.

Todays Session

Duration 00 29 29
Distance 3.34 miles
Calories 467
Average HR 147BPM
Max HR 173BPM

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Open Water Swim - What Lies Beneath

After my rest day yesterday I was ready to get out there and blow some of the cobwebs away, and is the only way to do this? A open water swim.

After walking like John Wayne all day Monday I was happy to leave the cowboy look at home and get out doing some triathlon training. The Club have been trying to arrange some open water sessions and today I managed to get in contact with some club members and meet them for the swim. I normally do a pool session but I'm keen to get my open water skills improved so I can cope with the next events that are in the sea.

We got in the and the water wasn't as cold as I was expecting, i let a little bit of water down the neck of the suit, it took my breath away but after that I was fine. I wore my rash vest underneath my suit to try and stop some of the rubbing on my neck from the suit and I also plastered my neck in vass so it wouldn't rub, I know its not good for the suit so I've invested in some Body glide to try out.

There are a few buoys in the lake where we were swimming, so sighting was relatively easy I asked how deep the water was and I was told "DEEP" this didn't worry me to much but I just wanted to check how my treading water skills were. It was suggested that once you hit the required distance go around the boy and swim back to the last swimmer so we all stuck together. I unfortunately was mostly at the front through the session so found myself turning back to join the others so I ended up swimming further, which I didn't mind to much as every little helps.

After finding my bearings and heading out 2 the 2nd buoy I was finding myself looking at into the water and not seeing much, the bottom of the lake had long disappeared and I soon found myself thinking about creatures from the deep swimming out of nowhere to grab my feet and drag me down to the bottom never to be seen again. Is this sad for a 28 year old?

Even though the nasty thoughts I still swam on and managed to complete 1.5 laps of the lake, I've guessed it to be around the 1880 meeter mark (see map below).

I really enjoyed the season even though it rained and the wind was a tad gusty, I look forward to this being apart of my weekly training plans.

Todays session

Duration 00 45 00
Distance 1880 meters

Monday, 6 June 2011

Wales Half Marathon - Hard As Nails

As races go it was possibly the hardest race I've ever done! The Long Course Weekend, the official Ironman training weekend.
The atmosphere of the race was amazing and starting the race with a Zumba band with banging drums got your right in the mood for racing. The weather man had forecasted rain in the afternoon of the race so I decided to wear long sleeved underarmour wit my Celtic Tri vest. Well that rain never came, I think it got hotter throughout the day. I started the race quicker than I should have, I need to remain focused during races and stay at the same speed for the whole race and if I've got fuel left in the tank on the last mile then kick on, but they say you learn from your mistakes so next time I'll know.

I started the race at a cracking pace, the normal pace I have been doing my runs at but at mile 8-9 i hit a very large wall which completely knocked my off my stride and destroyed the chances of me doing a PB. There were alot of up hills and down hills on this route, which made it very difficult to get a rhythm and set a normal stride, but that's what im guessing make the difference between a "standard" runner and a Ironman. Pushing past that pain and getting to a place when your able to keep on going to the maximum and keep that all important rhythm up hill and down hill. I ran three quarters of the race with the same chap and as I an with a bottle of Lucozade sport I offered it to him on a number of occasions as it was bloody boiling on there and he didn't have anything with him.

Although the filling stations were only 3-4 miles apart they were well equipped ranging from bananas, sweets, water and energy gels a well organised part of the course to make sure no one went without. One of the highlights of the course was the amazing views of the Pembrokeshire coast line something once you see you will never forget, I just hope in September when the Ironman comes to town its warm and clear otherwise some people may get lost! Also another highlight of the day was a bloke in Manorbier, he was spectating all the people running past his house and he could see they were all hot, so he got out his garden hose and let runners pass through the water jets to get them cool. Something I thought was amazing to see as I didn't know the bloke from Adam but he was willing to help so many people out!

It was always great to see a fuelling station, its a shame they weren't every mile, and I definitely could have done with seeing one after mile 9. This is where things turned bad for me, I dont know if it was down to the heat or just the time of day, I ate my breakfast at 9am and I think my "tank" was empty come 1pm and I just didn't have enough fuel to keep my starting pace up. I had my Lucozade sport and my Maximuscle Viper gel but this wasn't enough for me, I slowly sipped the Lucozade throughout the route and that was finished at mile 8 and the gel I used at mile 10. They were giving out gels at the filling stations but I didn't want to chance taking one as it could have given me a dodgy tummy and ended my race completely. I ploughed on and go slower, even thought my heart rate got slower too.

Although I didn't get that personal best, I was really happy with my race I'm defiantly a long way away from becoming that Ironman, but it has giving me drive to complete a Iron one day soon, and fingers crossed I can pluck up enough courage to do a half Ironman next year. Damn you Celtic Tri!

Now its a rest day for me today so unfortunately Juneathlon is out the window which is a shame as I really enjoyed Janathon, but my triathlons are more important to me at the moment. Even if I could get out there my legs are very stiff today im hoping to get out tomorrow for a swim, it may be an open water swim or just a simple pool swim.

UPDATED 09/06/11 - The official results are out and I came 128th out of 351 - I'm very happy with that and my times can only get better for a very hard half marathon.

Todays Session

Duration 02 00 07
Distance 13.24 Miles
Calories 1827
Max HR  190BPM
Average HR 177BPM

Ironman Wales 2016 - Race Report

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