Thursday, 26 May 2011

Windy Interval Club Session

After yesterdays cycle session I was feeling great, no stiffness, and pains I felt great so when tonight run was called I was looking forward to it. I've been sat in the office all day and I haven't been out since 8am this morning so I was none the wiser about the strong wind.

Well when I got to the club session I noticed that wind...

The session today was 9 x (2mins 95% MHR x 2min 75% MHR) this is a excellent session and it was very similar to the post race session on Monday. As I was feeling great I decided to give it everything and try and clock in the biggest distance to date for a session like this.

I kept in the training zone through the session and im noticing that im recovering alot quicker and im starting to up my pace in the recovery period in these sessions which is a good sign, my average pace was only 8 minute mile but I managed to get in a best pace of 4 and a half minutes. WOW! Watch out Roger Banister im coming to get you.

I finished the session the same speed I started which is the main objective, and I know we did 9 tonight I think I could do 12, I hope the coach doesn't read this :)

Last week I one of the coaches took some stills of me running from the side so analysis if my stride could be completed. All the stills are here Side shots it looks like I am landing on my heel so that would explain why im getting pain in my lower legs as they are getting the impact. I will be working with the coach to sort out my stride and get working on some bounding. I'll look a pillock but if it helps me im all for it!

Todays session

Duration 00 49 59
Distance 4.95
Calories 645
Max HR 182BPM
Average HR 153BPM

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