Thursday, 5 May 2011

A Wet Warm Interval Club Session

It rained today, Its been coming for some and summer is no over in Wales.... Well I hope not, but it was nice to get some rain to freshen up the air. I thought it would cool the air for running tonight, but it seemed to be hotter than when the sun was out last week.

Todays club run was a interval training session, and it was:

9 x (2 minutes (Hard) 98% Max HR, 2 minutes (Recovery) 75% Max HR)

I do like this session as it gives you time to get a rhythm and you can work hard in each interval to stay at the max heart rate. After giving blood on Tuesday and the long run last night I was going to take it easy, I still worked hard but by the end of the session I knew I had more in the tank which I was happy about.

As you can see on the last set I worked that little bit harder, and during that session it was the furtherest I went. I'm not running with the club next week as im off on holiday, but I think I'll do this set again next week.

Right im off to pack.. Another rest day tomorrow as im driving down to Cornwall..

Todays session

Duration 00 44 19
Distance 4.72 miles
Calories 611
Max HR 187 BPM
Average HR 152 BPM

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