Saturday, 14 May 2011

Quality Club Training Session - Thank You

After the long drive home from Cornwall and a rest day yesterday I was ready for todays club training session, but it didn't start the best way. I decide to go to the wrong leisure centre to start with so I managed to turn up 25 minutes late, so I missed the first art of the talk. This part I really wanted to hear as im new to triathlons and a talk from the pro's is what i needed as I need as many tips as possible.

After the talk about skills, techniques, nutrition, rules and experiences we were split into 4 groups. I didn't know the other lads in my group so I introduced myself and off we went. The first station (station 1) we went to was the turbo trainer and sprints, I hadn't used a turbo before but it was very simple to setup and come the winter I may invest in one. The idea of this station was to sprint on the bike for 45 seconds, dismount, take your helmet off and sprint for 50 yards and get back on the bike. Two of the group has there bike shoe so they had the hard task of trying to take there shoes off whiles peddling... I didn't so I was in luck as I find it hard enough peddling, and I wont mention jelly legs.

Station 2, was all about running technique, we touch on this most weeks at the club running sessions. I do like this area, apart from some parts do look like a ballet class and a can can cross.

Station 3, was all about dismounting the bike, this is partly confidence but mostly technique. This is a skill that I really need to practise with. There is definitely a right way and a wrong was to dismount, if you get it wrong you do have the potential to go arse over tit and look a complete spanner.

Station 4 the final station, this was about turning technique on the bike, this was a really good exercise as its completely different to the off road bike and I will be practising this on the new road bike I've got.

Yes you read it right, I've got a new road bike.. I put on Facebook that I was after one and lucky enough for me I was sent a message and 4 days later I have a new (new to me) road bike in my hallway. Its booked in tomorrow for a service and I hope my bike mechanic can bring it back to life.

We finished the training day with a pool session, we were split into 3 lanes and the coaches looked at our swimming styles and gave us pointers were necessary. I think I counted correctly and we completed 1100 meters. I think I will try and get to a wetsuit session soon as they run them in the pool on a Thursday night, but it does class with the club run nights.

Todays session

Duration 01 00 00
Distance 1100

(This only includes the swim session)

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