Monday, 23 May 2011

Post Race Run Session - Feeling Great

As the title says, was a great session tonight and as I raced yesterday I didn't want a massive set. I was great to get back with the elite boys, I've missed the Monday sessions alot. After a quick discussion about yesterdays cock up of a triathlon we got out down the sea front.

The session tonight was short and simple, 1 min 95% and 2 min 80% (Recovery) and we did this for 3 miles and on the last set we switched the times around.

I was official timer tonight so I had to call the sets, and give people time of recovery left and time of sprint left. It was hard enough running, so running and shouting was extremely difficult whilst banging out 5 minute mile pace.

It was good to get out there as the win had completed dropped and it felt like a spring run, but I was all dressed in black and had underarmour and skins tights on so no wonder I was warm.

The guys run every Thursday morning at 7am so I think I might start running with them then also, but the triathlon club run on Thursdays too so I'll see if my body can cope with 2 runs in a day. They haven't started their open water sessions yet but im definately joining them for those outings.

Todays session

Duration 00 28 50
Distance 3.55 miles
Calories 483
Max HR 182BPM
Average HR 160BPM
Best Pace 05:14 minute mile

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