Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Post Competition & Give Blood Run - It Hurt!

Its 3 days since I competed and today was my first run since the event, I had planned to go swimming last night, but I totally forgot that I as giving blood so I didn't manage to get to the pool as I was ready for bed at 8pm so if I went swimming I would have fallen alseep in the pool.

I was scheduled a long run on my training plan, I know I only gave blood yesterday, so today's run would only be 8 miles, I wanted to clock in 10 but 8 will have to do. I also decided the run was going to be zonal run so stick to 160BPM max. Unfortunately this did not happen, from the outset my heart rate got to 161 without even trying hard, I normally can get three quarters around the run before I hit that marker so I knew this run was going to be hard, I got to my 5 mile marker and I had struggled to get here, so I decided I was going to turn for home early, I was concentrating on crossing the road safely at the massive crossroads, I went past the turning so I had to carry on to the further marker and turn for home then.

I didn't dip under 160 for all the route (apart from waiting for a clear road crossing a 35 minutes) and I think this is due to the fact I gave blood yesterday, after searching the net it shows that my body will not recover fully for about 2-4 weeks. I didn't think this that one through properly if I want to compete on the 22nd of the month this will definitely affect my training schedule, but if it saves someone's life in the long run I'll be happy to miss my next event!

On the plus side I think Swansea has the some of the most friendly drivers out there, each road I ran across today cars stopped and gave me the right of way! I would have never of thought that in Swansea as its full of boy racers in their bad boy cars.

Todays session

Duration 01 04 32
Distance 7.50 miles
Calories 1040
Max HR 177BPM
Average HR 158BPM

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  1. Just had a peak at your 2011 events and am exhausted! Best of luck with all of them.


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