Sunday, 15 May 2011

New Balance 1080 Trainers - Review

I was lucky enough to be given a pair of New Balance 1080 from the team at S&X Media to try out and report back to here I am. I have been out running in the shoes for 1 month now and I only can give positives about the shoes. As this is my first pair of New Balance trainers I was surprising shocked, in a good way!

When you first open the box and see the trainers you cant help yourself but go "WOW", they are a very sexy looking trainer and a sharp finish even down to the little details, such as the little black finish to the laces. One thing I noticed immediately was that you are able to take out the insoles, this has its benefits as some people like to put in there own insoles inside, Some major training brands like Brooks dont offer this, so this is a great plus.

When you put the trainer on, its a great fit and and you feel the stability around the sides of the foot all the way to the back of the heel. The stability and cushioning at the back of the shoe is brilliant, I have noticed that the pain I suffer with my calf muscles has considerably reduced. The additional support at the back also give you a feel of a "spring" in your step, which always helps any runner.

There are considerably more padding on the sole of the shoe and with a higher arch, this will give you the additional support while out on your runs. I also noticed that the sole of the shoe is alot harder than any other running trainers I have owner before. Although the shoe has this extra padding and covering on the sole, it does not shoe on the weight on the trainer whilst running. I feels like you are running in your slippers, a great feeling!.

Alot of trainers tend to smell quite quickly , I really look after my kit as I like to keep the new look and feel for as long as possible.  The outer material on the shoe lets your feet "breathe", with the breeze keeping your feel cool and the heat created from your foot escape out. The material also stays clean and smell free which is a must if you keep your trainers inside, the amount of times I've been forced to keep my trainer in the shed because they smell so bad, so its good to know that NB have thought about this.

Overall I am very please with the trainers and I will definitely consider purchasing new balance in the future for my training shoes, I am after a pair of racing shoes so I will be looking at NB's ranges and putting my hand in my pocket. I can only recommend how good these shoes are and if your in the market for a new pair of shoes definitely look at these.

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