Thursday, 12 May 2011

Last Holiday Session BOOOO

Its arrived, my last day of my holiday and the last day of away training. As I ran yesterday, and the sea swell was massive (so I was told) so I couldn't go swimming in the sea so I had to get on the bike. It felt quite sad as this could be my last ride on the bike as I've got a new one lined up in the pipeline, I'll explain later if it comes off.

After a pasty and and ice cream, proper training diet and a walk home from Lands End I decided to get on the bike for a quick cycle, an hour session. I had decided that I wasn't going to do the same route as last time as that had to many hills, it was too windy and I only had an hour. 1 hour because a final supper, barbecue was starting at 4pm.

The cycle ride was a little windy but the ride was relatively flat, I did work hard but the and clocked in a massive max speed of 32 mph.

I got to 5 miles on the watch and it happened to be at the top of a 100 meter climb and decided to cycle home, the top of this peak was the max HR so not a excessively hard ride but enough to keep the legs in good shape for the club training day on Saturday. Tomorrow is going to be a rest day as its going to be a long drive home.

As the wind was now behind on the way home the last 5 miles only too me 20 minutes so I decided to finish with a tour de France style. I rode the bike down to the Lands End start finish line, sat back in the saddle, took my hands off the raised them in the air and the funny thing is some bloke took a picture of me, it was like a proper race finish you see on TV.

Todays session

Duration 00 46 58
Distance 11.13 miles
Calories 673
Max HR 162 BPM
Average HR 136 BPM
Max Speed 32.7 MPH
Average Speed 14.5 MPH

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