Monday, 9 May 2011

Lands End to Lands End Sprints

After a lovely Monday morning lie in and no work to attend I got up, had my breakfast and went out for a walk on the coastal path. It was a lovely 3 mile walk, a little bit windy but the views were amazing. We even took a pack lunch so it felt like a proper walk. When I got home we had a chill out on the sofa for an hour or two before I decided to complete a speed session.

The interval session I decided upon was the same one I did at the triathlon club training session on Thursday last week.

9 x (2mins 98% max HR, 2 mins recovery 75% max HR)

I tried to find a relatively straight route and as close to flat as possible. Since there is hardly anything flat in this area. On the way home from the walk I noticed a "flat-ish" straight on the walk home from Lands End and it was a half mile stretch. This was ideal for the sprint session... so I thought.

The slight incline definitely tired me out quicker on the sprint session, it was completely different to the club runs as they are very neutral routes and easy on tired legs. I had VERY tired legs from the cycle yesterday, but pain is weakness leaving the body. After visiting the Lands End visitor centre 9 times I dont think I'll need to go there again this holiday... Well maybe once more if an ice cream is involved.

Its nearly been a week since I gave blood and I'm starting to feel like it never happened, my heart rate is a little high still but I feel fine, considering it can be up to 4 weeks to fully recovery I happy with the recovery progress. Even better news, its a rest day tomorrow, well body boarding in the Sennen cove and maybe a sea swim if the waves aren't to high!

Todays session

Duration 00 36 00
Distance 4.18 miles
Calories 557
Max HR 174BPM
Average HR 153BPM

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