Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I Love My New Bike...

As swimming was cancelled yesterday as the pool was closed, the pool was drained so im guessing they were giving it a clean as it needed it from last week. This meant tonight I was raring to go, and I had planned to do a long bike session and I couldnt wait to get home, even though I was 45 minutes late!

I wanted to do a 2 hour session on the bike, the wind wasn't to strong but enough to make the bike wobble when I was in the open. I didn't care, I was really enjoying the ride, enjoying the views and enjoying the new bike. After racing on the weekend on the bike, which I really enjoyed and was keen to get out and give it an extra hour. This extra hour helped me clock in 30 miles tonight!

Although the route was relatively flat with an inclined at the end, it was a great ride. It was definitely a challenge working with the wind but I will definitely keep doing this route and build on it. I managed to get a top speed of 31 MPH which is pretty fast for a bike, but nothing like the pros but its quick enough for me. I did work hard in the session and I was ready to blonk my bum down in the sofa, and unfortunately I wont be training twice tomorrow. I had planned to train at 7am with the elite group and the club run at 6pm but the club run get the nod this week.

I also managed to clock in an average speed of 15MPH, which was brilliant for me as on the off road bike I was getting 11MPH if I was lucky. I still think im the only person who trains in Swansea, as im on my own if I run and now im on my own if I cycle... At least I know if I race myself I'll always win.

Im so glad I decided to get a road bike, I like love my new bike, I enjoy cleaning in and I enjoy riding it we are made for each other. I stopped on the way home to the bike mechanics as there was a little slip on the gears so a few adjustments here and there and I was back out on the road. Its great having a mechanic on the door step if I think something isn't right I can just pop in and get it sorted.

I burned just shy of 2000 calories and this was replenished with a curry and nann bread.. Yummy!

Todays session

Duration 02 03 58
Distance 31.34 Miles
Calories 1958
Max HR 169BPM
Average HR 136BPM
Max Speed 31.6MPH
Average Speed 15.8MPH

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