Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Holiday, Holiday (Rest) Run

After yesterdays rest day I was keen to get some miles back in my legs as its been a while since I had got 10 miles in, so I was looking forward to my long run. We spent most of the day in Marazion visiting some posh castle in the sea, even Prince Charles has been there as I saw his photo so it must be posh.

(St Michael Mount)

But enough about the site seeing and more about todays run. I decided that I needed miles back in the legs and if I wanted to go out on the bike tomorrow I didn't want to kill myself on today session. After deciding some kid of route I had planned to do a zonal run, 160 BPM max for the whole session. I really enjoy these session as it gets distance under my belt and you feel great for all of the run. I tried to do a zonal run last week and failed miserably, but TODAY I completed the objective and completed the whole 9 miles and stayed in the training zone.

It was ideal weather for running, not to hot, not to cold and a lovely breeze to keep you cool, I could have kept going on the run, I just ran out of road and I was ready for my dinner so thats why I missed out on mile ten.

A cracking dinner it was too.. Spag Bol.. Thanks Chef!

Todays session

Duration 01 19 42
Distance 8.94 Miles
Calories 1235
Max HR 160BPM
Average HR 149BPM

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