Saturday, 7 May 2011

H-H-H-Holiday! Cornish Running!

Holiday is here, and the training doesn't stop! I had yesterday off from training as I was driving for over 5 hours and the last thing I wanted to do was go running, but I think I could have done one if I was forced into it.

After a morning down the beach enjoying the sun and the packed lunch, the pay and display timer on the car ran out so it was time to come home. I had planned to do an open water swim some time this week but the swell in the sea was well over 4 foot so im not to sure.. I do have a body board so I will definitely be giving that a go.

For my run today, I had been on Mapometer to plot my run and actually see where I would be going, I was scheduled  a short run, so 6 miles was far enough. The half way point was a massive hill, so on the way out its down hill so on the turn its up so that split was definitely slower than the others. After giving blood in the week I feel im slowly getting back to my training zone, it says it takes 2-4 weeks to get back to normal-ish, im never normal so im told so I may have to wait till after 4 weeks, but I feel alot better than I did on Wednesdays run.

The run today was very similar to Swansea as I didnt see any other runners or cyclists, and the road was full boy racers hammering the crappy cars down country lanes, well im off out the bike tomorrow so they give me some space!

I've stuffed my face tonight with scampi and chips and a Toffee sundae, so I've managed to load the calories back on so im ready for tomorrows bike, if the sun shines that is otherwise I could be doing another run.. We'll just wait and see.

Todays session

Duration 00 46 00
Distance 6.0 Miles
Calories 837
Max HR 183BPM
Average HR 169BPM

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  1. Is that a picture of you in surfing in the sea!!! :-p


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