Sunday, 1 May 2011

1st Triathlon - Done (Cardiff Try-a-Tri)

Well race day has arrived and now its over, I really really REALLY enjoyed the race. It was an early start I woke up at 05:30, the alarm was set for 06:00 so I didn't go back to sleep and thought about my tactics for the race. It was my first triathlon race and I was pretty nervous to be fair, I've watched the races on TV before but I didn't really know how to race, the people at Cardiff Triathlon helped me (and im sure every racer) greatly, they answered all my questions and encourage me and my wife all the way around the course.

The race today was :

  1. 400 meter Swim
  2. 20km Bike
  3. 5km Run
I've been training over these distances so I knew distance wouldn't be an issue, but its a race and you never know on race day... so im told. I think I kept my pacing well, I didn't use may Garmin forerunner in the race, 2 reasons really, 1 its not waterproof so I couldn't wear it in the pool, and 2 I forgot to put it on at T1. While we are on the subject of forgetting stuff, for the bike leg, I forgot to put my number belt on and more even more stupid, on T2 I decided to start the running leg with my bike shoes, so I had to turn back and go change into my trainers! OMG!  but I remembered to put my number belt on for T2 so that doesn't make me sound to stupid.. surely!

So even though I cocked up my T2 I think I worked pretty hard and out of the 83 racers today I finished 20th

I estimated that my swim would take 10 minutes, so im happy that I beat that time, even though my wife did it in 6 minutes, so I've got time training to go to get to that standard. My bike, this is where I think I need to work on, as im doing the racing on my off road bike, with road tyres I need to work that little harder as my climbs on it are a little slow for my liking, My run, this was my favourite leg of the race, I enjoy my running and I over took the few numbers who over took me on the bike and a few more, If only I could go this fast on my bike!. After all that I was 8 minutes off the winner!

Overall a great days racing and I look forward to my next event, The Llanelli Sprint Triathlon.

Todays session

Duration 01 09 42
Distance 15.79 miles


  1. Congratulations on your first race and for doing so well!! It'll make the next one all the more exciting now you've times to beat!


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