Sunday, 29 May 2011

NOT Easy Like Sunday Morning...

Todays session was not easy, it was hard work, and after having yesterday off I was really surprised and a little disappointed, but every run cant be a great one!

At the 2 mile marker I hit a wall...

It was only a light run today thank fully, even though I did the run relatively quick it hurt from the outset. Well I say hurt, im just being soft im just tired today. I ran the normal 5 mile route but felt longer today for some daft reason. Even though it was a tough 5 miler I still did under 8 minute mile pace.

Apart the 5 miles a pretty boring run.

Todays session

Distance 5 miles
Calories 689
Max HR 172BPM
Average 157BPM

Friday, 27 May 2011

Free Run Friday...

The weekend is here and that means no work for 3 days as its a bank holiday, and even better im going to Wembley on Monday to watch Swansea City vs Reading, I hope the swan can make it to premiership, it will be amazing if they do.

Friday tends to be my rest day, but as I didn't swim Tuesday and im off out to watch the champions league tomorrow with my mates on an all dayer I wont have time to get a swim, cycle or run in as I've got my order to cut the lawn before I leave.

The session today was going to be an easy run, well not easy just a free run, I knew the route I was going to run, it was one I haven't run for some time, it will take over an hour to complete and the distance was about 8 miles, so a great workout. The route starts with a long up hill run, then to slight down hill and then another up long up hill so you have to work hard. To make it harder I was running into the wind on the way out, I wish this wind would go away, its meant to be summer!

I had to stop twice today on route due the traffic, im normally lucky with the traffic lights and managed to sneak across the road before the cars go zooming by or while the green man is flashing, but no joy today and as it was a free run I didn't mind. (Hence the 2 dips in the graph) I'm also chuffed as this was a free run I managed to complete the session averaging at 8 minute miles. I looked at previous times I have done this run about 8 months ago was the last time I did it and and today I was about 9 minutes quicker. It really shows how far I've come in 12 months and as this wasn't a gut busting run I probably can go quicker.

Next weekend I've got my first half marathon of the year, I normally run half marathons twice a month as a training run so im not worried about the distance, even though I haven't run any in May which is typical but I was training for the triathlon at Llanelli. I'm going to limit my runs for an hour max now until after the race next weekend and rest next Friday and Saturday.

Today session

Duration 01 03 15
Distance 7.93 miles
Calories 1103
Max HR 173BPM
Average HR 156BPM

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Windy Interval Club Session

After yesterdays cycle session I was feeling great, no stiffness, and pains I felt great so when tonight run was called I was looking forward to it. I've been sat in the office all day and I haven't been out since 8am this morning so I was none the wiser about the strong wind.

Well when I got to the club session I noticed that wind...

The session today was 9 x (2mins 95% MHR x 2min 75% MHR) this is a excellent session and it was very similar to the post race session on Monday. As I was feeling great I decided to give it everything and try and clock in the biggest distance to date for a session like this.

I kept in the training zone through the session and im noticing that im recovering alot quicker and im starting to up my pace in the recovery period in these sessions which is a good sign, my average pace was only 8 minute mile but I managed to get in a best pace of 4 and a half minutes. WOW! Watch out Roger Banister im coming to get you.

I finished the session the same speed I started which is the main objective, and I know we did 9 tonight I think I could do 12, I hope the coach doesn't read this :)

Last week I one of the coaches took some stills of me running from the side so analysis if my stride could be completed. All the stills are here Side shots it looks like I am landing on my heel so that would explain why im getting pain in my lower legs as they are getting the impact. I will be working with the coach to sort out my stride and get working on some bounding. I'll look a pillock but if it helps me im all for it!

Todays session

Duration 00 49 59
Distance 4.95
Calories 645
Max HR 182BPM
Average HR 153BPM

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I Love My New Bike...

As swimming was cancelled yesterday as the pool was closed, the pool was drained so im guessing they were giving it a clean as it needed it from last week. This meant tonight I was raring to go, and I had planned to do a long bike session and I couldnt wait to get home, even though I was 45 minutes late!

I wanted to do a 2 hour session on the bike, the wind wasn't to strong but enough to make the bike wobble when I was in the open. I didn't care, I was really enjoying the ride, enjoying the views and enjoying the new bike. After racing on the weekend on the bike, which I really enjoyed and was keen to get out and give it an extra hour. This extra hour helped me clock in 30 miles tonight!

Although the route was relatively flat with an inclined at the end, it was a great ride. It was definitely a challenge working with the wind but I will definitely keep doing this route and build on it. I managed to get a top speed of 31 MPH which is pretty fast for a bike, but nothing like the pros but its quick enough for me. I did work hard in the session and I was ready to blonk my bum down in the sofa, and unfortunately I wont be training twice tomorrow. I had planned to train at 7am with the elite group and the club run at 6pm but the club run get the nod this week.

I also managed to clock in an average speed of 15MPH, which was brilliant for me as on the off road bike I was getting 11MPH if I was lucky. I still think im the only person who trains in Swansea, as im on my own if I run and now im on my own if I cycle... At least I know if I race myself I'll always win.

Im so glad I decided to get a road bike, I like love my new bike, I enjoy cleaning in and I enjoy riding it we are made for each other. I stopped on the way home to the bike mechanics as there was a little slip on the gears so a few adjustments here and there and I was back out on the road. Its great having a mechanic on the door step if I think something isn't right I can just pop in and get it sorted.

I burned just shy of 2000 calories and this was replenished with a curry and nann bread.. Yummy!

Todays session

Duration 02 03 58
Distance 31.34 Miles
Calories 1958
Max HR 169BPM
Average HR 136BPM
Max Speed 31.6MPH
Average Speed 15.8MPH

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Monday, 23 May 2011

Post Race Run Session - Feeling Great

As the title says, was a great session tonight and as I raced yesterday I didn't want a massive set. I was great to get back with the elite boys, I've missed the Monday sessions alot. After a quick discussion about yesterdays cock up of a triathlon we got out down the sea front.

The session tonight was short and simple, 1 min 95% and 2 min 80% (Recovery) and we did this for 3 miles and on the last set we switched the times around.

I was official timer tonight so I had to call the sets, and give people time of recovery left and time of sprint left. It was hard enough running, so running and shouting was extremely difficult whilst banging out 5 minute mile pace.

It was good to get out there as the win had completed dropped and it felt like a spring run, but I was all dressed in black and had underarmour and skins tights on so no wonder I was warm.

The guys run every Thursday morning at 7am so I think I might start running with them then also, but the triathlon club run on Thursdays too so I'll see if my body can cope with 2 runs in a day. They haven't started their open water sessions yet but im definately joining them for those outings.

Todays session

Duration 00 28 50
Distance 3.55 miles
Calories 483
Max HR 182BPM
Average HR 160BPM
Best Pace 05:14 minute mile

New Balance Event Invitation‏

I was lucky enough to get an invite to the New Balance Autumn / Winter launch in Mayfair on Tuesday 7th June but I cant make it.

They were kind enough to give me a pair of New Balance running shoes 1080 My Review to try out which were brilliant.

So if anyone is in the Mayfair area on Tuesday please let me know and I'll email Fay to tell them you will be coming instead of me and you can have my free gear.


Llanelli Sprint Triathlon.. But Not a Triathlon... Oh Dear!

My first open water event, the Llanelli Sprint triathlon. After a crap nights sleep as I was scared the alarm wouldn't go off and I'd miss the event. I was awake 30 minutes before the alarm was meant to go off, so im sure tonight is going an early night.

I registered yesterday for the event, to save the rush in the morning and take some stress out of the morning. I was given a race t-shirt I decided to get a medium but after trying it on it was to small and I looked like something from a Bruno sketch, but without the hair.

Todays race was:

Swim - 500 meters
Cycle - 17 miles
Run - It was suppose to be 5km but everyone ran a different distance and I ran 6km down to marshals not doing there job.

After setting transition the extreme wind had blown the rain clouds away so I could leave my bike shoes, running shoes outside the box, talc my socks and I was confident they wouldn't get wet down to the rain.

At the race briefing we were told the routes and told to keep an eye out for marshals and they would direct us, by this time I was nervous and ready to get going. The start was split into waves, I was last into the swim (Wave 3) it was cold enough I just wanted to get in and off so the nerves would just go. I hadn't swam 500 meters before outside the pool, so no pushes off the wall just me and the open water. The biking and running I've done before so I knew I wouldn't have issues with that.

After waves 1 and 2 had left and got out the water wave 3 got in and to be honest the water wasn't that cold, I got in, stuck my head under the water had a little paddle and made my way to the back, I didn't fancy a punch in the face from a rogue arm so I went to the back. The hooter bellowed and off we went. I got straight into my stroke and felt great, the water wasn't as salty as I remember since last time I swam there. There were 1 or 2 people who were swimming all over the shop and bouncing around like a pin ball machine. I just stayed out their way and key sighting on the building in the horizon.

The swim came to an end and and getting out of the dock was hard enough as the ramp out of the dock was VERY slippy and I saw a few athletes fall over trying to get out, I wish the even organisers had put a better mat down or made it easier for us to get out. Up the slight incline I went to the transition area and I managed to get three quarters of my wetsuit off before I got to the bike. I was well chuffed with that as the previous times it had take me over 10 minutes to get out of the suit. I was expecting it to be cold on the bike and I had packed a my long sleeved cycle jacket, but I didn't feel the cold, either I was already to cold to feel it or I was turning into a proper athlete and focus on the race and not the elements. By now the suit was off a got my socks on and bike shoes on, im going to have to start running  and cycling without socks, even though the change was pretty seamless I still think it will be for the greater good. Last to take off was my swimming caps and goggles, I do this as I want to keep as much heat in a possible till the last minute. Got my cycle helmet on and unhooked my bike and I was off. I pushed the bike by the stem, something I learnt at the Celtic Tri training weekend, I dont think I have enough confidence yet to push the bike by the seat, but im sure it will come after practise.

Off I went and after the first corner the wind hit me BOSH, like a brick wall, this was the first time I had cycles competitively and the first time I had experienced cycling in this kind of wind. I found it hard to get into a rhythm on the bike but after a good 20 minutes on the bike I was chasing people down, I kept on seeing the same 3 jerseys for a while as I would overtake them and they would return the favour 5 minutes down the road, so it was always good to keep them in my radar. It was great using a road bike and I definably noticed the difference to the hybrid. On the flats I managed to gulp down my Lucozade drink and it tasted horrible, it was the lime flavour that was given out for free at the Cardiff event, note to self stay clear of that one.after being out on the bike for just under and hour i could see the final junction before the turn for transition, I got out eh saddle and peddled, get the legs out of the normal cycle position and get them ready for the change from bike to foot. I managed to dismount the correct way, something again I learnt at the Celtic Tri training weekend and off I went into transition. A quick-ish turn around and off I went and  I remembered to take my cycle shoes off this time. Out of transition and into the sand blasting tunnel, lovely. Now this is where the event went wrong.. Very Wrong!

I didn't think I was that far behind the elite athletes but I saw a few I knew coming back very quickly, all with puzzled looks on there faces, one of my friends shouted something when I ran past him the opposite way but I didn't hear what he said. I now know what he said "turn back!". The marshals had totally cocked up the run part of the event and people ended up running a mixture of distances varying from 2km to 8km, I was one of the lucky ones which ran 6km. Which was a long way in the sand blasting coastal footpath.

The event has been annulled as a triathlon because of the run distance errors, and I was totally gutted as im still yet to compete in a full open water triathlon. I was one of 228 people doing the race and im sure everyone feels disappointed in the organisation of the the event on the day and I hope we can get some sort of discount on the event next year.. if there is one!

I'm happy with my position of the ranks under halfway on the swim and a little slower on the bike, something to work on for the next race. I also hit the 700 miles for the year on this event, only 300 to go for the big 1000.

Todays session

Duration 01 41 53

Thursday, 19 May 2011

60% Club Run & Iced Muscles

Another busy day in work, I was really to get out in the sunshine, put my running daps on and get a run under my belt. I had planned to keep the session to a light one because of the race on Sunday. The session tonight was:

3x (1min @R, 1min jog, 1min @R, 2min jog, 4min @R, 2min jog)

At these sessions I give it my all 100% but as said above I was only willing to give 60% tonight and it felt kind of funny. I know its for the greater good but it still felt weird.

Everything was going really well and taking my time during warm up and completed the cycle of stretches from the coach. Then lap 14 kicked in and I felt a slight pull in my right calve so I completed eased off and and stretched it off, the end of the session finished for me then, well I still carried on but I hardly got my HR into the training zone, I work harder walking to work.

I came home and had a quick shower and got a bag of peas on my calve and completed some more stretching on it. I'll be on the massage table tomorrow I hope my wife can help me out and sort my leg out before race day!.

Todays Session

Duration 00 58 48
Distance 4.39 Miles (Session + warm up)
Calories 558
Max HR 183BPM
Average HR 136BPM

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Inside or Outside Swimming

I had a terrible nights sleep, I think im worried about my race on Sunday for some reason, I dont know why as I think im ready for it... well as ready as I can be.

As today is my swim day, I was thinking about going down to the lake where I will be racing on Sunday to get my final open water swim before the race. Its been raining most of the day and when I asked my wife if she wanted to go swimming tonight I had the response of "yes, but indoors" I obviously wasn't that fussed about going outside otherwise I would have said "no" but I was more than happy to agree so we went to the local pool.

As im on light training duties as im racing Sunday I decided to do a quick set of:

500 meters warm up and 3 x 250meters

Nothing to tiring but enough to give my muscles a workout. The lane was relatively quiet, same faces as the norm it was nice to get in there considering I haven't been to that pool for 3 weeks. The water was pretty cold so I was keen to do the set and get out, and I was even more eager to get out half way through the set after one of the gents in the lane told me someone had pooped in the pool earlier today... Lovely! I asked him how did he know and he said he saw then trying to chase it out with a fishing net! for the final 500 meters I kept my mouth firmly shut under the water.

Also a big plus, I got my bike back today all serviced and tailored to me, all I need to do now is clean it for race day and I'll be a happy man.

Todays session

Duration 01 00 00
Distance 1250 meters

Monday, 16 May 2011

Little Brick Big Results

First day back in work after a week on holiday, it was torture getting up at 7:30 and putting my shirt and  tie and walking to the office. It was like I hadn't been off...

Enought about the office and more about the training I say!

After getting my new road bike on the weekend I had arrange for it to be serviced, so I thought why not do a little brick session tonight. Well its a little cycle to the mechanics house (1 mile) so I gave it some welly up the hill so I could feel a burn in the legs, off I hopped at the garage ran my bike up the drive (like I was taught on Saturday) and said give me a call when its done... so I should have a nice new shiny bike by tomorrow evening.

This is my new bike
FRAME ALUXX aluminium, Fluid Formed, Compact Road Design
FORK T700 carbon composite, aluminium steerer
STEM GIANT A3 aluminium ahead
SEAT POST GIANT A5 aluminium
SADDLE Selle Royal Viper
PEDALS Wellgo road
SHIFTERS Shimano Tiagra 27 speed STI
FRONT MECH Shimano Tiagra
REAR MECH Shimano Tiagra
BRAKES Dual pivot long reach
BRAKE LEVER Shimano Tiagra STI
CASSETTE Shimano HG50 12-25
CHAIN Shimano HG73
CRANKS TruVativ Touro 3.2 30/39/50
RIMS Alex DA22
HUBS Formula
SPOKES Stainless steel
TYRES Michelin Dynamic 700x26mm

So im happy with that and it will do me for this year and if im still as keen next year as I am now then perhaps I can upgrade next year.. if my wife will let me.

Back to the training, I dropped the bike and off I went for my run, I can join up with my normal route of 5 miles if I run down main road for 1 mile. I didn't feel much "jelly legs" when I got off the bike and it turned out to a pretty enjoyable run. It was pretty warm tonight but I still had the underarmour on, perhaps I shouldn't be wearing it now as summer is nearly here.

I'm now on a taper for race day on Sunday, swim tomorrow and light cycle Wednesday.. and we'll see what Thursday brings.

Todays session

Duration 00 46 56
Distance 6.21 miles (1.12 Bike & 5.09 Run)
Calories 773
Max HR 213 (Surely thats not right!)



Sunday, 15 May 2011

For Goodness Shakes - Discount Code

For Goodness Shakes recovery powder has won best nutritional product of the year 2011 at the Runners World awards.

To celebrate this they are offering 10% off there products.

Use use please enter : 10RWPB (Excludes starter kit)

New Balance 1080 Trainers - Review

I was lucky enough to be given a pair of New Balance 1080 from the team at S&X Media to try out and report back to here I am. I have been out running in the shoes for 1 month now and I only can give positives about the shoes. As this is my first pair of New Balance trainers I was surprising shocked, in a good way!

When you first open the box and see the trainers you cant help yourself but go "WOW", they are a very sexy looking trainer and a sharp finish even down to the little details, such as the little black finish to the laces. One thing I noticed immediately was that you are able to take out the insoles, this has its benefits as some people like to put in there own insoles inside, Some major training brands like Brooks dont offer this, so this is a great plus.

When you put the trainer on, its a great fit and and you feel the stability around the sides of the foot all the way to the back of the heel. The stability and cushioning at the back of the shoe is brilliant, I have noticed that the pain I suffer with my calf muscles has considerably reduced. The additional support at the back also give you a feel of a "spring" in your step, which always helps any runner.

There are considerably more padding on the sole of the shoe and with a higher arch, this will give you the additional support while out on your runs. I also noticed that the sole of the shoe is alot harder than any other running trainers I have owner before. Although the shoe has this extra padding and covering on the sole, it does not shoe on the weight on the trainer whilst running. I feels like you are running in your slippers, a great feeling!.

Alot of trainers tend to smell quite quickly , I really look after my kit as I like to keep the new look and feel for as long as possible.  The outer material on the shoe lets your feet "breathe", with the breeze keeping your feel cool and the heat created from your foot escape out. The material also stays clean and smell free which is a must if you keep your trainers inside, the amount of times I've been forced to keep my trainer in the shed because they smell so bad, so its good to know that NB have thought about this.

Overall I am very please with the trainers and I will definitely consider purchasing new balance in the future for my training shoes, I am after a pair of racing shoes so I will be looking at NB's ranges and putting my hand in my pocket. I can only recommend how good these shoes are and if your in the market for a new pair of shoes definitely look at these.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Quality Club Training Session - Thank You

After the long drive home from Cornwall and a rest day yesterday I was ready for todays club training session, but it didn't start the best way. I decide to go to the wrong leisure centre to start with so I managed to turn up 25 minutes late, so I missed the first art of the talk. This part I really wanted to hear as im new to triathlons and a talk from the pro's is what i needed as I need as many tips as possible.

After the talk about skills, techniques, nutrition, rules and experiences we were split into 4 groups. I didn't know the other lads in my group so I introduced myself and off we went. The first station (station 1) we went to was the turbo trainer and sprints, I hadn't used a turbo before but it was very simple to setup and come the winter I may invest in one. The idea of this station was to sprint on the bike for 45 seconds, dismount, take your helmet off and sprint for 50 yards and get back on the bike. Two of the group has there bike shoe so they had the hard task of trying to take there shoes off whiles peddling... I didn't so I was in luck as I find it hard enough peddling, and I wont mention jelly legs.

Station 2, was all about running technique, we touch on this most weeks at the club running sessions. I do like this area, apart from some parts do look like a ballet class and a can can cross.

Station 3, was all about dismounting the bike, this is partly confidence but mostly technique. This is a skill that I really need to practise with. There is definitely a right way and a wrong was to dismount, if you get it wrong you do have the potential to go arse over tit and look a complete spanner.

Station 4 the final station, this was about turning technique on the bike, this was a really good exercise as its completely different to the off road bike and I will be practising this on the new road bike I've got.

Yes you read it right, I've got a new road bike.. I put on Facebook that I was after one and lucky enough for me I was sent a message and 4 days later I have a new (new to me) road bike in my hallway. Its booked in tomorrow for a service and I hope my bike mechanic can bring it back to life.

We finished the training day with a pool session, we were split into 3 lanes and the coaches looked at our swimming styles and gave us pointers were necessary. I think I counted correctly and we completed 1100 meters. I think I will try and get to a wetsuit session soon as they run them in the pool on a Thursday night, but it does class with the club run nights.

Todays session

Duration 01 00 00
Distance 1100

(This only includes the swim session)

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Last Holiday Session BOOOO

Its arrived, my last day of my holiday and the last day of away training. As I ran yesterday, and the sea swell was massive (so I was told) so I couldn't go swimming in the sea so I had to get on the bike. It felt quite sad as this could be my last ride on the bike as I've got a new one lined up in the pipeline, I'll explain later if it comes off.

After a pasty and and ice cream, proper training diet and a walk home from Lands End I decided to get on the bike for a quick cycle, an hour session. I had decided that I wasn't going to do the same route as last time as that had to many hills, it was too windy and I only had an hour. 1 hour because a final supper, barbecue was starting at 4pm.

The cycle ride was a little windy but the ride was relatively flat, I did work hard but the and clocked in a massive max speed of 32 mph.

I got to 5 miles on the watch and it happened to be at the top of a 100 meter climb and decided to cycle home, the top of this peak was the max HR so not a excessively hard ride but enough to keep the legs in good shape for the club training day on Saturday. Tomorrow is going to be a rest day as its going to be a long drive home.

As the wind was now behind on the way home the last 5 miles only too me 20 minutes so I decided to finish with a tour de France style. I rode the bike down to the Lands End start finish line, sat back in the saddle, took my hands off the raised them in the air and the funny thing is some bloke took a picture of me, it was like a proper race finish you see on TV.

Todays session

Duration 00 46 58
Distance 11.13 miles
Calories 673
Max HR 162 BPM
Average HR 136 BPM
Max Speed 32.7 MPH
Average Speed 14.5 MPH

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Holiday, Holiday (Rest) Run

After yesterdays rest day I was keen to get some miles back in my legs as its been a while since I had got 10 miles in, so I was looking forward to my long run. We spent most of the day in Marazion visiting some posh castle in the sea, even Prince Charles has been there as I saw his photo so it must be posh.

(St Michael Mount)

But enough about the site seeing and more about todays run. I decided that I needed miles back in the legs and if I wanted to go out on the bike tomorrow I didn't want to kill myself on today session. After deciding some kid of route I had planned to do a zonal run, 160 BPM max for the whole session. I really enjoy these session as it gets distance under my belt and you feel great for all of the run. I tried to do a zonal run last week and failed miserably, but TODAY I completed the objective and completed the whole 9 miles and stayed in the training zone.

It was ideal weather for running, not to hot, not to cold and a lovely breeze to keep you cool, I could have kept going on the run, I just ran out of road and I was ready for my dinner so thats why I missed out on mile ten.

A cracking dinner it was too.. Spag Bol.. Thanks Chef!

Todays session

Duration 01 19 42
Distance 8.94 Miles
Calories 1235
Max HR 160BPM
Average HR 149BPM

Monday, 9 May 2011

Lands End to Lands End Sprints

After a lovely Monday morning lie in and no work to attend I got up, had my breakfast and went out for a walk on the coastal path. It was a lovely 3 mile walk, a little bit windy but the views were amazing. We even took a pack lunch so it felt like a proper walk. When I got home we had a chill out on the sofa for an hour or two before I decided to complete a speed session.

The interval session I decided upon was the same one I did at the triathlon club training session on Thursday last week.

9 x (2mins 98% max HR, 2 mins recovery 75% max HR)

I tried to find a relatively straight route and as close to flat as possible. Since there is hardly anything flat in this area. On the way home from the walk I noticed a "flat-ish" straight on the walk home from Lands End and it was a half mile stretch. This was ideal for the sprint session... so I thought.

The slight incline definitely tired me out quicker on the sprint session, it was completely different to the club runs as they are very neutral routes and easy on tired legs. I had VERY tired legs from the cycle yesterday, but pain is weakness leaving the body. After visiting the Lands End visitor centre 9 times I dont think I'll need to go there again this holiday... Well maybe once more if an ice cream is involved.

Its nearly been a week since I gave blood and I'm starting to feel like it never happened, my heart rate is a little high still but I feel fine, considering it can be up to 4 weeks to fully recovery I happy with the recovery progress. Even better news, its a rest day tomorrow, well body boarding in the Sennen cove and maybe a sea swim if the waves aren't to high!

Todays session

Duration 00 36 00
Distance 4.18 miles
Calories 557
Max HR 174BPM
Average HR 153BPM

Its soooo Hilly In Cornwall

Its 3 days into my holiday and its a great feeling knowing I don't have to go to work tomorrow. Today was spent visiting friends and eating barbecued food and home made deserts. It also included a 20 mile bike ride to Penzance.

I woke up about 7:30 this morning as I had planned to go out first thing, but bed was to comfortable so by the time I got up I had missed my window of opportunity. After breakfast we were straight out to visiting. We spend most of the day out and about so when we got home I was pumped and ready to peddle.

I did a little bit of research before I went out, a gentle map read to see where I would end up, I didn't investigated the elevation graph much, next time I will be checking, there was some monster hills on this ride, one after another!

Now the elevation graph doesn't look that bad but believe me these were some killers and it wasn't very flat anywhere. The arrow denotes one of the first "BIG" climbs and it also shows the point where I was over taken at the top of the hill by a double decker bus. The driver was very nice and gave me a wide birth on the corner as the turn got steeper and steeper, so thank you Cornwall transport services. He was probably thinking why the hell is that lads legs going around so quick!.

At the 10 mile marker I was thinking that I'm not sure if im on the right route? As my sighting pointers were no where to be seen, so I peddled harder until I saw my first noticeable thing from google maps, a church tower I knew I was going the right way. After that marker its a pretty good down hill section and I managed to over take 2 cars, I wasn't trying to but they were going so slow, I managed to get over 36 mph a fastest for me to date.

After the turn for home I managed to dig into my pocket and grab out the energy bar I had packed, I was given this at the triathlon last week in my goodie bag so I thought I'd try it out. It wasn't a bad tasting bar. easy to swallow and it definitely worked. A gob full of water after eating the bar helped me swallow it and back on concentrating on the road.

The bar was SIS red berry bar - I'll go get some more I think for the bike.

Go Bar (mini) Red Berry ingredients:

Grape juice, pineapple juice, red berry (25%) (raspberry, cranberry), maltodextrin (from maize), dates, rice & soya crisp (rice flour, soya protein isolate, oat flour, salt vegetable oil, lecithin), organic oats, soya protein isolate, emulsifier (soya lecithin), flavouring, humectant (calcium lactate).

Energy 583kj/138kcal

Protein 4.6g
Carbohydrate 25g
- of which sugars 11g
Fat 2.1
- of which saturates 0.3g
Fibre 0.9g
Sodium 0.1g
Suitable for vegetarians. May contain pips and stones

The last 4 miles I came around the corner into a head wind, this is the last thing I wanted to feel after riding 16 miles. I dropped a gear and peddled that little bit harder to get home quicker out of the wind. I really enjoyed the bike session today, but I may look for a different route without so many up hills.

Not sure what training is planned for tomorrow, but im suffering with bad shins tonight and withdrawal symptoms from not cleaning the bike.

Todays session

Duration 01 29 18
Distance 20.04 miles
Calories 1365
Max HR 176BPM
Average HR 149BPM
Max Speed 36.9 MPH

Saturday, 7 May 2011

H-H-H-Holiday! Cornish Running!

Holiday is here, and the training doesn't stop! I had yesterday off from training as I was driving for over 5 hours and the last thing I wanted to do was go running, but I think I could have done one if I was forced into it.

After a morning down the beach enjoying the sun and the packed lunch, the pay and display timer on the car ran out so it was time to come home. I had planned to do an open water swim some time this week but the swell in the sea was well over 4 foot so im not to sure.. I do have a body board so I will definitely be giving that a go.

For my run today, I had been on Mapometer to plot my run and actually see where I would be going, I was scheduled  a short run, so 6 miles was far enough. The half way point was a massive hill, so on the way out its down hill so on the turn its up so that split was definitely slower than the others. After giving blood in the week I feel im slowly getting back to my training zone, it says it takes 2-4 weeks to get back to normal-ish, im never normal so im told so I may have to wait till after 4 weeks, but I feel alot better than I did on Wednesdays run.

The run today was very similar to Swansea as I didnt see any other runners or cyclists, and the road was full boy racers hammering the crappy cars down country lanes, well im off out the bike tomorrow so they give me some space!

I've stuffed my face tonight with scampi and chips and a Toffee sundae, so I've managed to load the calories back on so im ready for tomorrows bike, if the sun shines that is otherwise I could be doing another run.. We'll just wait and see.

Todays session

Duration 00 46 00
Distance 6.0 Miles
Calories 837
Max HR 183BPM
Average HR 169BPM

Thursday, 5 May 2011

A Wet Warm Interval Club Session

It rained today, Its been coming for some and summer is no over in Wales.... Well I hope not, but it was nice to get some rain to freshen up the air. I thought it would cool the air for running tonight, but it seemed to be hotter than when the sun was out last week.

Todays club run was a interval training session, and it was:

9 x (2 minutes (Hard) 98% Max HR, 2 minutes (Recovery) 75% Max HR)

I do like this session as it gives you time to get a rhythm and you can work hard in each interval to stay at the max heart rate. After giving blood on Tuesday and the long run last night I was going to take it easy, I still worked hard but by the end of the session I knew I had more in the tank which I was happy about.

As you can see on the last set I worked that little bit harder, and during that session it was the furtherest I went. I'm not running with the club next week as im off on holiday, but I think I'll do this set again next week.

Right im off to pack.. Another rest day tomorrow as im driving down to Cornwall..

Todays session

Duration 00 44 19
Distance 4.72 miles
Calories 611
Max HR 187 BPM
Average HR 152 BPM

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Post Competition & Give Blood Run - It Hurt!

Its 3 days since I competed and today was my first run since the event, I had planned to go swimming last night, but I totally forgot that I as giving blood so I didn't manage to get to the pool as I was ready for bed at 8pm so if I went swimming I would have fallen alseep in the pool.

I was scheduled a long run on my training plan, I know I only gave blood yesterday, so today's run would only be 8 miles, I wanted to clock in 10 but 8 will have to do. I also decided the run was going to be zonal run so stick to 160BPM max. Unfortunately this did not happen, from the outset my heart rate got to 161 without even trying hard, I normally can get three quarters around the run before I hit that marker so I knew this run was going to be hard, I got to my 5 mile marker and I had struggled to get here, so I decided I was going to turn for home early, I was concentrating on crossing the road safely at the massive crossroads, I went past the turning so I had to carry on to the further marker and turn for home then.

I didn't dip under 160 for all the route (apart from waiting for a clear road crossing a 35 minutes) and I think this is due to the fact I gave blood yesterday, after searching the net it shows that my body will not recover fully for about 2-4 weeks. I didn't think this that one through properly if I want to compete on the 22nd of the month this will definitely affect my training schedule, but if it saves someone's life in the long run I'll be happy to miss my next event!

On the plus side I think Swansea has the some of the most friendly drivers out there, each road I ran across today cars stopped and gave me the right of way! I would have never of thought that in Swansea as its full of boy racers in their bad boy cars.

Todays session

Duration 01 04 32
Distance 7.50 miles
Calories 1040
Max HR 177BPM
Average HR 158BPM

Sunday, 1 May 2011

1st Triathlon - Done (Cardiff Try-a-Tri)

Well race day has arrived and now its over, I really really REALLY enjoyed the race. It was an early start I woke up at 05:30, the alarm was set for 06:00 so I didn't go back to sleep and thought about my tactics for the race. It was my first triathlon race and I was pretty nervous to be fair, I've watched the races on TV before but I didn't really know how to race, the people at Cardiff Triathlon helped me (and im sure every racer) greatly, they answered all my questions and encourage me and my wife all the way around the course.

The race today was :

  1. 400 meter Swim
  2. 20km Bike
  3. 5km Run
I've been training over these distances so I knew distance wouldn't be an issue, but its a race and you never know on race day... so im told. I think I kept my pacing well, I didn't use may Garmin forerunner in the race, 2 reasons really, 1 its not waterproof so I couldn't wear it in the pool, and 2 I forgot to put it on at T1. While we are on the subject of forgetting stuff, for the bike leg, I forgot to put my number belt on and more even more stupid, on T2 I decided to start the running leg with my bike shoes, so I had to turn back and go change into my trainers! OMG!  but I remembered to put my number belt on for T2 so that doesn't make me sound to stupid.. surely!

So even though I cocked up my T2 I think I worked pretty hard and out of the 83 racers today I finished 20th

I estimated that my swim would take 10 minutes, so im happy that I beat that time, even though my wife did it in 6 minutes, so I've got time training to go to get to that standard. My bike, this is where I think I need to work on, as im doing the racing on my off road bike, with road tyres I need to work that little harder as my climbs on it are a little slow for my liking, My run, this was my favourite leg of the race, I enjoy my running and I over took the few numbers who over took me on the bike and a few more, If only I could go this fast on my bike!. After all that I was 8 minutes off the winner!

Overall a great days racing and I look forward to my next event, The Llanelli Sprint Triathlon.

Todays session

Duration 01 09 42
Distance 15.79 miles

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