Saturday, 30 April 2011

Whats In The Box... Race Ready!

Another day closer to race day, so this morning I've been packing my race/transition box.  I had yesterday and today off the training so I'm fresh for Sunday. I was lucky enough to get a sports massage yesterday on my legs, it was gratefully received and very much needed. I've even missed the open water session today which I really enjoyed last week on my birthday, so I must be keen to get a good time.

So whats in the box..

  • Swimming hat & goggles
  • Towel, this will be for me to stand on in transition, a quick dry off and off we go.
  • 2 pairs of socks (I'm going to see how I get on with the socks thing, I'm temped to not to go on with putting socks on after this race. Well see how the transition goes.
  • Talcum powder, this will help me put my socks on with wet feet.
  • Vaseline, To help with chaffing.. say no more.
  • Plasters and tape bag, general first aid bag with scissors etc.
  • Jelly babies, Energy boosts on the go. Grab a few and scoff them down.
  • Water Bottle, Hydration off the bike. I have a bottle on the bike which will have lucozade sport in it and the bottle in the box will have water.
  • Oakleys, fingers crossed the sun shines.
  • Running T-shirt, I've packed one of these to go over my tri suit, so if its cold I can throw it on.
  • Race belt, this will be my first time wearing one.. I hope I know how to use it.
  • Wet bag, to throw all my wet kit on after the race.
  • Spare contact lenses, If I loose one... I'm blind
  • and of course my triathlon suit.
Still to pack
  • Flip flops, to wear before I get into the pool.
  • Trainers
  • Helmet
  • Bike Shoes
  • Bike tool kit
  • After race clothes
  • (Lucozade/Poweraid) pre/post drinks
I'm lucky enough to have team "Lewis" coming to watch tomorrow, so fingers crossed I'll get some snaps and post them up. I'm a little nervous about the race but im sure I'll be fine and I can just follow the crowds as its raced on open roads so fingers crossed I wont get lost. I'll study the course tonight.

I think I've packed enough, all I've got to do now is put the roof bars on the car and rack the bikes ready for the morning. The alarm is set for 06:00, wish me luck!

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  1. Good Luck Martyn - you will be fab I'm sure. Just stay calm and enjoy it! Trace x


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