Monday, 4 April 2011

Training.. I've Missed You!

Well after my 2 days off, im back training. It felt funny not training for 2 days on the trot, my legs felt great and I was ready rock.

The session today was 8 x 600 meters with 1 minute recovery. This was a killer set, we did the session in the local park, and it wasn't flat! in this 600 meters it had 2 down hills and 2 up hills, and you definitely feel it from the 4th onwards. It was great to be back training in a group as it gets very boring training on your own. The guys I train with are great motivators and point out improvements whenever they think something could be beneficial.

7 out of the 8 sets was great for me, but when I completed the 7th set I felt a tightness in my left calf muscle so I took the last set easier.

Laps 2 to 18 are the 600 meters with the 1 minute recovery, lap 1 is my warm up and laps 19 to 21 are shuttle runs and lap 22 is the shower run. I was still happy, even after my 8th "take easy set" as still averaged under 8 minute miles. I'll try and get on the massage table tomorrow before the swim and before the Spurs game. Hope my wife can sort me out for my long run on Wednesday.

I'm thinking about arranging a holiday to Club La Santa, they are doing a beginners triathlon camp there, so anyone is interested check it out.

Todays session

Duration 00 45 48
Distance 4.96
Calories 667
Max HR 183BPM

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  1. Great session, there is alot to be said for rest


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