Sunday, 17 April 2011

Team Cycle Ride

I decided to rest my legs Saturday, I still felt a little groggy from the long run on Friday, I don't know why I just did. It felt funny not running on a scheduled day but I got over it. I've got 1 more long run scheduled and then I can start to taper for my event on the 01/05/11.

I had a lazy morning watching the marathon in bed, and decided that I would go out on the bike today, I commented on our club Facebook page to see if anyone else was out on the bike today and lucky for me 2 lovely ladies from the club were off out so me and my wife tagged along.

Its was a brilliant ride, we met at 12:30 and went all the way along the coast line, there wasn't much climbing involved and it was mainly flat and I got up to 26 MPH. It was a brilliant ride and my bum isn't to numb after it either. I do have sore quad muscles so im hope I can get on the therapy table and get my wife to help me out with some of the aches! not any many as those who ran the VLM today.. well done everyone.

Todays Session

Duration 02 29 14
Distance 32.65 Miles
Calories 1750
Max HR 128 BPM ( I had a HR spike, I got over taken by some bloke busting a gut so I think I picked up his HR monitor as I didnt work hard enought to get to 211BPM).

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