Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lost, Lorries, Lovely Weather & Lots of Hills...

What a beautiful day and its excellent conditions for training, Lucky for me thats what im doing, tonights choosen session was the bike!

I managed to get out of the office 30 minutes later than scheduled so I had to turbo walk home, get changed and get out on the road. I had chosen my route before hand so I knew where I was going, I thought!. I was following the route I ran and cycled last week but after looking on google maps I had found an additional 5 miles or so to the route so I set my sights on 15 miles-ish.I motored around the first 5.5 miles, I must have been on for a PB, well I've only done the route 3 times so I doubt that's hard!

Then I moved on to new territory...

And to start with a massive bloody hill, the thought went straight into my head, why am I doing this new route it looks all up hill... oh yes it was. I carried on the route for 2 miles and none of the terrain looked familiar to google maps when I checked earlier, but I still carried on until I got to a sign post... I did not recognise any of the names on the sign post ( apart from the direction I had came from). I was on top of a mountain by this time. I did stop for 2 minutes to admire the view I was lovely, the horizon was clear and you could see for miles. I did nearly take a tumble, as I was too busy looking at the view and forgot to unclip my shoes... I looked a right idiot thank god no one was about. I had been out for about 45 minutes and not seen one person, then right on queue 4 muck spreader lorries past me in quick succession, they stunk, and that smell stayed with me all the way home, even when I hit 34 MPH...

I really enjoyed my bike session today, I had been lost, met but the farmers in there lorries, caught the sun (I hope) and seen more hills tongitht than ever before on my bike... all in all a cracking session.

Todays session

Duration 01 00 25
Distance 12.80 miles
Calories 903
Max HR 166BPM

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