Saturday, 16 April 2011

Long Run & Crazy Car Drivers

After my unpredicted rest day and the ladder session form yesterday, The long run was moved from Wednesday to Friday. I decided to run the same route again, I do on the bike, its a quiet road so its ideal for running... so you thought!

The first 5 miles was fair to good, and I recently bought some of the Maximuscle Viper Gels, the lemon and lime flavour and to be fair they taste great and I they work to which always helps! I took it 45 minutes in, I tend to use refuels only if im out for longer than an hour, I've been using Lucozade Sport for the past 12 months, but im getting fed up of carrying a 500ml botttle on the runs so I've changed to gels.. as they fit in my pocket and its nice to forget about it and and think "Ooooo I've got a energy boost in my pocket!".

Well after the 6 mile marker, Its the home straight, there are a few bends in the road, nothing mad but I made sure I wore my hi-viz shirt so there was no excuse for people not to see me.. well some drivers in Swansea need to go to Specsavers! I felt the bumper brush past my legs on one car and that was not a nice feeling, so I decided to run further out in the road so I could force the car out in the road earlier.. This worked.. and worked well! I now felt a little safer!

I did this run 15 days ago and on this session I was 27 seconds quicker.. I take that as progress :)

Todays Session

Duration 01 14 13
Distance 9.31 Miles
Calories 1298
Max HR 171 BPM

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