Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Its Getting Easier This Swimming Malarkey

I was ready for the swim today and my target is still to complete 2000 meters within the hour. It was also going to be a quick session because Spurs were on TV.

The pool opens to the public at 6pm and I was ready to get it at 6:01. I decided to keep it simple again by completing 5 x 400 meters. The pool lane was really quiet again so I could practise my tumble turns and not worry about holding people up or bumping into them on the turn when I push off the wall on a squiff!

My new goggles still work, they are still fogging up a little but its getting better, and I'm used to swimming in this hat stuff, I think it makes me go quicker and helps my breathing and makes my stroke better :) Well maybe not all of the above.

I've noticed I need less time to recover from the 400 meters now and I am getting alot quicker, I think im doing 400 meters in about 10 minutes which im happy with as I've submitted 10 minutes in the next mini triathlon im doing. Fingers crossed I wont be as tired when competing as I'll have no hope of doing well, I hope my adrenaline will pump in and I'll be fine!

On the last set of 400 there was a mass entrance to the pool and our lane went from 3 people to 7. I finished on a sprinted 50 and got out, my arms felt so heavy after only sprinting 50 meters, should I be worried? But I did complete 1950 meters before hand.

I'm thinking about asking if I can use my tri suit in the pool to try it out, see If can move any quicker!

Todays session

Duration 01 00 00
Distance 2000 meters

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