Thursday, 14 April 2011

I Feel Great.... The Ladder Gets Bigger...

After yesterdays rest day I was ready to rock today, I had a manic day in work but 6pm couldnt come quick enough. Todays session was back with the triathlon club and it was a big ladder session.

7 x (2 min 98% Hard, 1 min 85% Recovery, 1 min 98% H, 30 secs R , 30 secs H, 30 sec R)

It was a cracking set and we have moved location, its closer to home so next week im going to run to the session. It was the furthest I've ever run tonight in a ladder session tonight, I clocked in over 5 miles. I did work hard in the session, and the rest day definitely has helped me. I felt funny not running yesterday, but I'll just move my rest day from Friday.. so long run day tomorrow.

We had some rain before we left the house so I wore my lightweight rain jacket and summer Under Armour, what a big mistake it acted like a sweat suit, I was drenched when I finished the sets. I think I also need to take some hayfeaver tablets as my nose felt like it was swelling, its that time of year again.. summers coming, light nights, bright mornings and out come the short sleeves for training!

 I clocked in 42 laps in the ladder session

Todays session

Duration 01 00 08
Distance 6.31
Calories 816
Max HR 181BPM

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