Thursday, 28 April 2011

He's An Easy Lover/Runner...

Well another long weekend is here and I've be waiting all week for it, 2 things really.. the first, I've got 4 days off then 3 days back in work and then I've got another week off on holiday. The second, its my first triathlon race on Sunday so im ready for it.

The club run tonight was 4x  (2x 1min @R, 1min jog + 2min @R, 2min jog) I normally do this session at 100% and I really enjoy it. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy today, but I took my foot off the accelerator and went at about 70% all the way through the session.

During the warm up I did managed to get my heart rate up to 179 beats per minute but that was some how in the warm up, but the average heart rate was only 137 so I felt great at the end of the session and definitely not so sweaty. 

It was a small attendence on the club run tonight, im not sure what everybody has been doing recently, perhaps they are all at the royal wedding, the sun isn't going to be here much longer so the perfect running conditions will soon be gone and we'll be back running in water proof jackets and hats. I did notice we had some spectators tonight, 4 cyclists, but they did more stopping and talking than cycling, they watched us go up and down the route, they also watched us to out warm down.. we finished with some random hopping thing to get our calf working.. they must of though we looked daft... grown adults hopping around like rabbits, minus the tails.

Thats all my running , swimming and cycling done till race day on Sunday and I've started putting my transition box together.. im going to blog tomorrow with what should be in my race box.

Todays session

Duration 00 56 23
Distance 4.86 miles
Calories 637
Max HR 179 BPM
Average HR 137 BPM

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