Saturday, 9 April 2011

Great Saturday Run & 500 Miles For 2011

I had a crap nights sleep I think I was dreaming about running as I woke myself up a few times with "twitchy" legs, breakfast in bed didn't turn up so I thought I'd get out there an hit the pavement.

Saturday is the planned long run day and I was in 2 minds it was going to be 10 miles or 13.1 miles, my wife is borrowing her friends road bike and she told me she could pick me up at the destination but I only had hour or so to finish so I went with the 10 miles set.

The weather was stunning and ideal for running, so I missed breakfast (tut tut) and put Oakleys on and off I went... oh and my ipod ofcourse!

Its a great route to run, its the local cycle path route, from our house to the centre of Swansea and across the sea front. The light breeze on the sea front helped cool me down, its about 6 miles in so it was great relief to cool me down. I paced myself all the way on the run, I did work hard, but I made sure there was more in the tank as I've got a brick tomorrow.

Im still averaging around 7.40 minute miles, I hope I can get under 7.30 minute miles soon, on a training run Im happy with this pace but you can always go quicker.

This was the first run I've been on and I've had to stop because of a boat crossing, On my route I run through a marina, and at the precise time I wanted to cross the bridge all the lights start flashing and alarms sounding, there is a group of people standing in the way so I had no chance to cross before the boat came, so that delayed my time by about 5 minutes while I waited.

I was happy with the run and even happier I've hit 500 miles for the year so far!

Todays session

Duration 01 16 34
Distance 10 Miles
Calories 1392
Max HR 175BPM

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  1. Congrats on the 500 miles! Woop Woop! And have fun on your brick!! :-)


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