Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cheeky Quick 5 Miles After Work..

This week has been a meeting overload, along with trying to do my normal job and attending all these meetings it has delayed me going home by 2 hours each day this week, which has been killing my training plan.

I was planning to get out of work, go watch the Wales ladies team play against Luxembourg, go for a long run and then watch the Spurs game. Well none of the above happened to plan! I was late leaving work so I missed kick off with the Wales footie, missed the chance for a long run and I had to pick my wife up from footie so I was going to miss some of the Spurs game... GREAT!

I got out on the road and planned my 5 mile route. It was still boiling outside so I wanted to so a quick, short sharp run in time to get home for the start of the Spurs game. I have run this route a number of times, I used to do it alot last year as 5 miles was enough for me.. but not any more. The road was really quiet apart from the summer flies and I was lucky enough on a number of occasions to get some in my mouth.... YUK!

I did work hard on the run, but I did feel I was holding back for the club run on Thursday night.

Im nearly getting to under 7 and a half minute miles, I keep pushing! Im beginning to think im the only runner in Swansea... Until last night I over took a bloke running last night, so there are other runners in Swansea! Hurray.. im not alone!

Today was the first time of the summer I haven't run with underarmour or skins on and I felt nice and cool but I was soaked through with the sweat.. Lovely!

Todays session

Duration 00 38 40
Distance 5.10 miles
Calories 713
Max HR 171BPH

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