Sunday, 10 April 2011

Brick Number 2

After my 10 miler yesterday I woke up with stiff legs, I was scheduled a long bike session today but as I don't have another day off till next Friday I want to keep my legs in good condition to last till then, so I decided to do a short bike and short run.

My wife decided she wanted to tag along for this session as I planned to take it easy, she led the way on the bike most of the way so I enjoyed the drafting to give my legs a break, We decided only to do 5 miles on the bike, but after being out there for 4 miles I felt I could have gone on further, but that wasn't the aim of the brick session today, it was to cope with "jelly legs". After the relatively easy bike ride, it was home, quick dismount, and change my shoes and off we went again. Today I decided to wear my new 2XU triathlon suit, I did wear a Nike running shirt over the top of it and im still not confident enough to go out in just the triathlon suit. It was very comfortable and the padding on the butt helped when I was on the bike, even though I was only out for 5 miles.

The run was just a easy session, to stride it out and get used to cycling and running which im getting used to. I've got my first triathlon on the 1st May so fingers crossed I should be ready with transitioning and changing from bike to run... but who knows about pool to bike.

Todays session

Duration 00 40 26
Distance 7.28 (Bike 5.12 miles) & (Run 2.16 miles)
Calories 643
Max HR 191BPM



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  1. Some crazy people round here practise their transitions from lake to bike!! very cold if you ask me! But if you've a nearby lake... pond?!... maybe that could help!

    Personally I am very impressed with any triathlon activities... I've just my bike once since I bought it(!)and I can't imagine running, let along swimming, in addition to that!


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