Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Beach Running... I Do Not Like It... FACT!

I felt relatively fresh legged after the long bike session on Sunday, and after getting on the treatment table my legs felt in good condition. I had a day full of meetings so I was really looking forward to running as it looked lovely outside, to good to be in the office and I should be out running or some physical activity.

When I arrived at run club, it was decided that we would run a beach run! Oh No! I dislike beach runs, yours shoes get all sandy, wet and the surface is a nightmare to run on... Also it was sunny so there we people on the beach eating barbecues so it makes you feels jealous as you should be catching the sun and not running.

The plan of attack was 1km beach and return run on the road, I definitely felt alot longer than a 1km. At the end of each set we had 1 minutes rest. I tried to sit with the 2nd group of runners as the 1st group are insane-ly fast!. I was very happy with my my times as I competed with the front all the way through the session. as we did the 4 times.. so average of 8km.. I think?

We didn't time the run for the best part of the day, as the tide was coming in, and on our last loop I got caught between the rocks on the tide so my bloody trainers got soaked through.. Grrr! So not only were they covered in sand they are cover in sea water. I'll be cleaning them down tomorrow night ready for Wednesdays long run.

One of the group has been lucky enough to get sponsored this triathlon season and has been give loads of kit, and some training/recovery products. I asked if I could get some Gatorade off him and he has loads of the powder. I quite like the stuff as a recovery drink so I'll give it another go since I tried it last about 3 years ago and report back... Thanks Ross!

Todays session

Duration 00 47 16
Distance 5.36 miles
Calories 726
Max HR 175BPM

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