Friday, 1 April 2011

April Fools Long Run

Thank god Friday is here, its been one of those weeks in work and I was grateful the working week was over. I worked that hard in and out the office that I've definitely earned the weekend off.

Today was a long run session, I decided to run the bike route I did the other night. Its the first time I've run it and it was a tough one. It was great to run a new route, with some cracking views. Its completed different to the normal urban route I do, the majority of the route is on the road, but the roads were deserted from runners, bikers, cars and horses.. even walkers... It was like everybody saw me coming and left!

On the route I saw a cracking road sign, I've never see it before and it made me laugh at the 7 mile mark, which made me forget the pain in my legs, for a split second!

Even though the route has a number of slow up hill gradients I still managed to keep to a 8 minute mile (and my legs are like steel) I was happy with the run. Its definitely warming up, summer is nearly here, I was soaked through with sweat again so I reckon I was dragging around an extra stone with my shirt drenched.. Yuk AGAIN!!!

My wife had run me a bath by the time I got home (No that's not an April fool), so I was straight in and the "LAZY" weekend can start!

Todays session

Duration 01 14 20
Distance 9.28 Miles
Calories 1290
Max HR 168BPM


  1. That sign is brilliant! Enjoy a relaxing weekend!

  2. What an intense week of training, Well done. A lazy weekend is well earned


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