Tuesday, 12 April 2011

5km Speed Session & To Finish... Sprints!

The chosen session today was a 5km time trial, I was keen to get some speed in the session but I new my legs were still tired from the long run on the weekend, But that wasn't going to hold me back.

So, after our mile warm up we arrived at the Swansea 5km series start line, 30 seconds recovery from the warm up jog and off we went. It was a lovely evening and at clear views helped distract my mind from my tired legs. The route is an out and back course and as I raced last year I knew where the turn was and where the pain kicks in. I did some training last year, not as much as this year by any means but I knew the time I wanted to beat 22:34.

After puffing some more I got to the turn and a split of 9 and half minute split, I was VERY happy with this, but then you turn, into the breeze.. It was only a little breeze but enough to alter your rhythm and one thing you notice with running 5km is that your always on the flat out marker, the rev meter is always on the red.. as you always think its only 5km..

I noticed that the group of 3 of us on the way out, was now 2 and I was at the back of the group of 2... well after another 4 minutes the group turned into 1.. for the last 0.5 it felt like I was going backward unfortunately... and I finished with a time of 20:47... I wanted to do a 19 something... i know I was tired and race day you tend to go quicker but I don't like making excuses and I must try harder!

To finish the session we did 8 x 200 meter sprints, my recovery time is getting alot faster as it felt like I had just started the session and 5km race was a distant memory... well sort off!. Once the 200's were finished it was a mile back for the shower run.. I'll sleep well tonight I was shattered!

Todays session

Duration 00 49 47
Distance 6.01
Calories 807
Max HR 179 BPM

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