Saturday, 23 April 2011

5 Miles Max Sessions Till Race Day

Its a bank holiday, which can mean a number of things, but the main thing.. NO WORK! The day was mine, well sort of. We've got the in laws coming to stay for the bank holiday so im sure we will be busy so I hope I get time to get my runs in.

Im not planning on going any further than 5 miles runs until after next weeks race, Its long enough for my legs to get a work out and short enough to give me a good recovery.

I ran the same route as the other day, and it was just as hot with no breeze. Its brilliant to be out in this hot weather running in my Oakleys, I just hope this weather is here to stay. Saying that the sun still doesnt bring any other runners out so I think once again im the only runner in Swansea.

I was lucky enough to see the air ambulance come into land when I was running past the hospital, I made a bloody racket but the pilot managed to land the chopper on a six pence, I find it hard enough parking the car so god knows how they make it look easier in the massive thing.

Not sure I'll get a run in on Saturday as I think im digging the garden and laying a new patio so I think I'll be up early Sunday to get one in.

Todays Session

Distance 5.0 Miles
Calories 696
Max HR 179BPM

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