Saturday, 30 April 2011

Whats In The Box... Race Ready!

Another day closer to race day, so this morning I've been packing my race/transition box.  I had yesterday and today off the training so I'm fresh for Sunday. I was lucky enough to get a sports massage yesterday on my legs, it was gratefully received and very much needed. I've even missed the open water session today which I really enjoyed last week on my birthday, so I must be keen to get a good time.

So whats in the box..

  • Swimming hat & goggles
  • Towel, this will be for me to stand on in transition, a quick dry off and off we go.
  • 2 pairs of socks (I'm going to see how I get on with the socks thing, I'm temped to not to go on with putting socks on after this race. Well see how the transition goes.
  • Talcum powder, this will help me put my socks on with wet feet.
  • Vaseline, To help with chaffing.. say no more.
  • Plasters and tape bag, general first aid bag with scissors etc.
  • Jelly babies, Energy boosts on the go. Grab a few and scoff them down.
  • Water Bottle, Hydration off the bike. I have a bottle on the bike which will have lucozade sport in it and the bottle in the box will have water.
  • Oakleys, fingers crossed the sun shines.
  • Running T-shirt, I've packed one of these to go over my tri suit, so if its cold I can throw it on.
  • Race belt, this will be my first time wearing one.. I hope I know how to use it.
  • Wet bag, to throw all my wet kit on after the race.
  • Spare contact lenses, If I loose one... I'm blind
  • and of course my triathlon suit.
Still to pack
  • Flip flops, to wear before I get into the pool.
  • Trainers
  • Helmet
  • Bike Shoes
  • Bike tool kit
  • After race clothes
  • (Lucozade/Poweraid) pre/post drinks
I'm lucky enough to have team "Lewis" coming to watch tomorrow, so fingers crossed I'll get some snaps and post them up. I'm a little nervous about the race but im sure I'll be fine and I can just follow the crowds as its raced on open roads so fingers crossed I wont get lost. I'll study the course tonight.

I think I've packed enough, all I've got to do now is put the roof bars on the car and rack the bikes ready for the morning. The alarm is set for 06:00, wish me luck!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

He's An Easy Lover/Runner...

Well another long weekend is here and I've be waiting all week for it, 2 things really.. the first, I've got 4 days off then 3 days back in work and then I've got another week off on holiday. The second, its my first triathlon race on Sunday so im ready for it.

The club run tonight was 4x  (2x 1min @R, 1min jog + 2min @R, 2min jog) I normally do this session at 100% and I really enjoy it. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy today, but I took my foot off the accelerator and went at about 70% all the way through the session.

During the warm up I did managed to get my heart rate up to 179 beats per minute but that was some how in the warm up, but the average heart rate was only 137 so I felt great at the end of the session and definitely not so sweaty. 

It was a small attendence on the club run tonight, im not sure what everybody has been doing recently, perhaps they are all at the royal wedding, the sun isn't going to be here much longer so the perfect running conditions will soon be gone and we'll be back running in water proof jackets and hats. I did notice we had some spectators tonight, 4 cyclists, but they did more stopping and talking than cycling, they watched us go up and down the route, they also watched us to out warm down.. we finished with some random hopping thing to get our calf working.. they must of though we looked daft... grown adults hopping around like rabbits, minus the tails.

Thats all my running , swimming and cycling done till race day on Sunday and I've started putting my transition box together.. im going to blog tomorrow with what should be in my race box.

Todays session

Duration 00 56 23
Distance 4.86 miles
Calories 637
Max HR 179 BPM
Average HR 137 BPM

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Easy Ride, Horses & All With The Yellow Jersey!

After a long weekend I was back in the office today, it was like I hadn't had the days off, it was back to 100 mph were I left it last week., But enough about the office more about the training!

I want to take it easy as im competing on Sunday so I decided to get out on the bike and do an easy cycle, the normal 9 mile route and take it easy on my legs. My parents bought some new Planet X cycle jerseys, a nice short sleeved yellow one and a long sleeved sky blue one. I wore the new yellow top tonight, and I had my Oakleys on.. I looked like a yellow jersey winner at the tour de France, but without the team car following me and talking about cars I over took this old granny in her micro-machine of a car going down the back lanes. I sounds like I was hammering it but I think it was only 20 mph!

I still fell quite lonely on these routes I don't see many people and all I tend to see is cattle, sheep, lambs and today it must have been walk your horse day, I passed 2 sets of people out riding there horses who didn't even acknowledge me, 1 horse and trap pulling some pikeys along and 4 horses wondering lonely in a field while I was going up hill, and there was even free horse manure available on this route.

The route today I managed a personal best, even though I was meant to be taking it easy, I was over 1 minute quicker. I've got a club run scheduled tomorrow, its another ladder session, I think I'll go down to the session but keep it light. After the I downloaded tonight statistics I've noticed I have clocked in 600 miles for the year already!

One last thing here is my new jersey, cant go wrong for £9.99 you can get them here - LINK

Todays session

Duration 00 40 33
Distance 9.31 miles
Calories 603
Max HR 161BPM

Monday, 25 April 2011

First Open Water Swim - On My Birthday

Happy birthday to me, and how do I celebrate my birthday, sitting down, chilling, eating lots... no! I decided to get up at 7:30 this morning to get out for my first open water sea swim. I had the call late Sunday night to say some of the club were meeting in the morning for a swim so me being me I never turn down a chance to train.

We met at 9am sharp and we were in the water by 9:05, I managed to get my new wetsuit on with no troubles, it was a great to get get some use out of the suit that I wasn't sure I was going to get about a month ago as the supplier went bust. The sun was beaming down and it was pretty hot at that time of the morning, and getting into a black wetsuit only made me hotter, until I stepped into that water... oh my it was cold.

After letting some water down my neck by opening the top of my wetsuit it took my breathe away! I stuck my head under the water and I couldn't see a thing, but that wasnt an issue, it was the taste of teh salt water... It made me gag! I managed the first 250 meters with 3 stops, these stop were required for me to gag due to the salt water. I'm not normally one for swimming in the sea but if I want to compete I need to get over that. Im sure I will get over the taste of the water soon, I'll keep on going and im sure I get through it! Its not as bad as Marmite! :)

As this was my first session in the open water I was happy with my stroke considering I was concentrating on my breathing but I definitely got tired quicker, but for a starter I was happy. I was also concentrating on my sighting which I thought was pretty good, although some of the others in the group may need some work as one of the group bumped into me twice! :)

On the bad side, I have got a nasty rash on my neck from the wet suit.. I'll have to put my rash vest on for a training swim next time and Vaseline for race day.

Todays session

Duration 01 30 00
Distance 1250 meters

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Ouch - That 5 Miles Hurt!

Today was just another "keep loose" 5 mile run, im into my taper now and im really looking forward to my first tri next /Sunday, so this time next week it will all be over and I'll be able to tell you all about it.

I had been out all day visiting a Welsh museum with my parents in law so when we got home my lovely wife made a Sunday dinner while I went out for a quick jog.

I'm sticking to 5 miles max for now on runs so I keep loose but don't over do it,  so I ran the same route as the other day, I know the roads so I could take it easy on the up hills and stride it out on the downs. Even though I took it easy, I still managed a personal best for the route! On the way home I had a extreme pain in my side, it felt like a "stitch" pain, so I loosened my HR belt and this seemed to help. I still worked hard on the workout as I got that PB and my legs feel great, and to top it off I did the whole set at an average pace of 7 minutes and 24 seconds! I have broken the 7 and half minute mile marker!

I saw another runner out today, the lad looked like he was in proper pain when I ran past him. I was temped to stop and offer him a piggy back, but I think he would have turned me down because I was soaking wet with sweat!

On the plus side my dinner was top banana!

I think im doing my first sea swim in the morning.... ARRGGGHHH!!! 

Todays Session

Duration 00 37 03
Distance 5.0 Miles
Calories 694
Max HR 174 BPM

Saturday, 23 April 2011

5 Miles Max Sessions Till Race Day

Its a bank holiday, which can mean a number of things, but the main thing.. NO WORK! The day was mine, well sort of. We've got the in laws coming to stay for the bank holiday so im sure we will be busy so I hope I get time to get my runs in.

Im not planning on going any further than 5 miles runs until after next weeks race, Its long enough for my legs to get a work out and short enough to give me a good recovery.

I ran the same route as the other day, and it was just as hot with no breeze. Its brilliant to be out in this hot weather running in my Oakleys, I just hope this weather is here to stay. Saying that the sun still doesnt bring any other runners out so I think once again im the only runner in Swansea.

I was lucky enough to see the air ambulance come into land when I was running past the hospital, I made a bloody racket but the pilot managed to land the chopper on a six pence, I find it hard enough parking the car so god knows how they make it look easier in the massive thing.

Not sure I'll get a run in on Saturday as I think im digging the garden and laying a new patio so I think I'll be up early Sunday to get one in.

Todays Session

Distance 5.0 Miles
Calories 696
Max HR 179BPM

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hot Hot Hot Club Speed Session

Today work started early and finished early, well with work that is, early as in 16:30 and thats the earliest this week.

It was great to get home and have a relax before I went out for the club run, the weather has been lovely and its been really depressing watching the sun from the office, and what made it worse was that some people  from eh triathlon club went for the 1st sea swim of the year :( and I missed out!.

I was looking forward to this run session, it was the same set as last week, its a killer but great for the speed work.

7 x (2 min Hard, 1 min jog, 1 min  Hard, 30 secs jog, 30 secs Hard 30 secs jog) Hard = 98% max HR.

I worked hard in this session, and managed to clock in 7.33 minute miles for the duration of the session which I was happy about.

I definitely left the underarmour and skins at home tonight and I was drench by the time the session was finished, I love running in the sun and the Oakeys I purchased from New York were my best running purchase todate. I would recommend them to anyone.

I got my first race information pack tonight for the Cardiff Triathlon, so much to read in and so many rules to follow... I'm sure they'll shut at me if I do something wrong... Anyway I've started my taper for it.

Todays session

Duration 01 05 13
Distance 6 Miles
Calories 777
Max HR 178 BPM

Cheeky Quick 5 Miles After Work..

This week has been a meeting overload, along with trying to do my normal job and attending all these meetings it has delayed me going home by 2 hours each day this week, which has been killing my training plan.

I was planning to get out of work, go watch the Wales ladies team play against Luxembourg, go for a long run and then watch the Spurs game. Well none of the above happened to plan! I was late leaving work so I missed kick off with the Wales footie, missed the chance for a long run and I had to pick my wife up from footie so I was going to miss some of the Spurs game... GREAT!

I got out on the road and planned my 5 mile route. It was still boiling outside so I wanted to so a quick, short sharp run in time to get home for the start of the Spurs game. I have run this route a number of times, I used to do it alot last year as 5 miles was enough for me.. but not any more. The road was really quiet apart from the summer flies and I was lucky enough on a number of occasions to get some in my mouth.... YUK!

I did work hard on the run, but I did feel I was holding back for the club run on Thursday night.

Im nearly getting to under 7 and a half minute miles, I keep pushing! Im beginning to think im the only runner in Swansea... Until last night I over took a bloke running last night, so there are other runners in Swansea! Hurray.. im not alone!

Today was the first time of the summer I haven't run with underarmour or skins on and I felt nice and cool but I was soaked through with the sweat.. Lovely!

Todays session

Duration 00 38 40
Distance 5.10 miles
Calories 713
Max HR 171BPH

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

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Beach Running... I Do Not Like It... FACT!

I felt relatively fresh legged after the long bike session on Sunday, and after getting on the treatment table my legs felt in good condition. I had a day full of meetings so I was really looking forward to running as it looked lovely outside, to good to be in the office and I should be out running or some physical activity.

When I arrived at run club, it was decided that we would run a beach run! Oh No! I dislike beach runs, yours shoes get all sandy, wet and the surface is a nightmare to run on... Also it was sunny so there we people on the beach eating barbecues so it makes you feels jealous as you should be catching the sun and not running.

The plan of attack was 1km beach and return run on the road, I definitely felt alot longer than a 1km. At the end of each set we had 1 minutes rest. I tried to sit with the 2nd group of runners as the 1st group are insane-ly fast!. I was very happy with my my times as I competed with the front all the way through the session. as we did the 4 times.. so average of 8km.. I think?

We didn't time the run for the best part of the day, as the tide was coming in, and on our last loop I got caught between the rocks on the tide so my bloody trainers got soaked through.. Grrr! So not only were they covered in sand they are cover in sea water. I'll be cleaning them down tomorrow night ready for Wednesdays long run.

One of the group has been lucky enough to get sponsored this triathlon season and has been give loads of kit, and some training/recovery products. I asked if I could get some Gatorade off him and he has loads of the powder. I quite like the stuff as a recovery drink so I'll give it another go since I tried it last about 3 years ago and report back... Thanks Ross!

Todays session

Duration 00 47 16
Distance 5.36 miles
Calories 726
Max HR 175BPM

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Team Cycle Ride

I decided to rest my legs Saturday, I still felt a little groggy from the long run on Friday, I don't know why I just did. It felt funny not running on a scheduled day but I got over it. I've got 1 more long run scheduled and then I can start to taper for my event on the 01/05/11.

I had a lazy morning watching the marathon in bed, and decided that I would go out on the bike today, I commented on our club Facebook page to see if anyone else was out on the bike today and lucky for me 2 lovely ladies from the club were off out so me and my wife tagged along.

Its was a brilliant ride, we met at 12:30 and went all the way along the coast line, there wasn't much climbing involved and it was mainly flat and I got up to 26 MPH. It was a brilliant ride and my bum isn't to numb after it either. I do have sore quad muscles so im hope I can get on the therapy table and get my wife to help me out with some of the aches! not any many as those who ran the VLM today.. well done everyone.

Todays Session

Duration 02 29 14
Distance 32.65 Miles
Calories 1750
Max HR 128 BPM ( I had a HR spike, I got over taken by some bloke busting a gut so I think I picked up his HR monitor as I didnt work hard enought to get to 211BPM).

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Long Run & Crazy Car Drivers

After my unpredicted rest day and the ladder session form yesterday, The long run was moved from Wednesday to Friday. I decided to run the same route again, I do on the bike, its a quiet road so its ideal for running... so you thought!

The first 5 miles was fair to good, and I recently bought some of the Maximuscle Viper Gels, the lemon and lime flavour and to be fair they taste great and I they work to which always helps! I took it 45 minutes in, I tend to use refuels only if im out for longer than an hour, I've been using Lucozade Sport for the past 12 months, but im getting fed up of carrying a 500ml botttle on the runs so I've changed to gels.. as they fit in my pocket and its nice to forget about it and and think "Ooooo I've got a energy boost in my pocket!".

Well after the 6 mile marker, Its the home straight, there are a few bends in the road, nothing mad but I made sure I wore my hi-viz shirt so there was no excuse for people not to see me.. well some drivers in Swansea need to go to Specsavers! I felt the bumper brush past my legs on one car and that was not a nice feeling, so I decided to run further out in the road so I could force the car out in the road earlier.. This worked.. and worked well! I now felt a little safer!

I did this run 15 days ago and on this session I was 27 seconds quicker.. I take that as progress :)

Todays Session

Duration 01 14 13
Distance 9.31 Miles
Calories 1298
Max HR 171 BPM

Thursday, 14 April 2011

I Feel Great.... The Ladder Gets Bigger...

After yesterdays rest day I was ready to rock today, I had a manic day in work but 6pm couldnt come quick enough. Todays session was back with the triathlon club and it was a big ladder session.

7 x (2 min 98% Hard, 1 min 85% Recovery, 1 min 98% H, 30 secs R , 30 secs H, 30 sec R)

It was a cracking set and we have moved location, its closer to home so next week im going to run to the session. It was the furthest I've ever run tonight in a ladder session tonight, I clocked in over 5 miles. I did work hard in the session, and the rest day definitely has helped me. I felt funny not running yesterday, but I'll just move my rest day from Friday.. so long run day tomorrow.

We had some rain before we left the house so I wore my lightweight rain jacket and summer Under Armour, what a big mistake it acted like a sweat suit, I was drenched when I finished the sets. I think I also need to take some hayfeaver tablets as my nose felt like it was swelling, its that time of year again.. summers coming, light nights, bright mornings and out come the short sleeves for training!

 I clocked in 42 laps in the ladder session

Todays session

Duration 01 00 08
Distance 6.31
Calories 816
Max HR 181BPM

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sprints In The Water Are Harder Than Sprints On Land....

Even the walk to work was hard work today, I was hurting from yesterday, Sundays and even Saturday sessions. I think I could be in for a unexpected rest day tomorrow, we'll see how my legs feel in the morning.

I was grateful it was a pool session today, I have been enjoying my swimming and I think my endurance and speed have got alot better since I first started. Even though I didn't swim the normal 2000 meters tonight I did a hard session on the 10 x 50 meter sprints. I haven't really tried sprints in the pool before, it was quite enjoyable but very tiring on the shoulders,  I think I will have to use this technique when it comes to entering the sea, from the starters gun.. But I doubt I'll be able to sprint more than 50 meters.. Any super dooper sprint triathlons out there that are just 50 meter swims :)

The pool tonight was bloody freezing, But i soon warmed up and forgot about the temperature, Even my goggles didn't mist up!

The pool stayed quite empty again ,the January, February and March fat fighters have disappeared and it back to the committed few who are there week in week out, just the 3 of us!

When I got to the end of my set, I obviously cant count as I finished on a 50 meter kick board warm down and I should have done 100m.. I'll just have to do an extra 50 meters next week.

1 x 400m
2 x 200m
4 x 100m
10 x 50m
1 x 50m kickboard

Todays session

Duration 01 00 00
Distance 1750

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

5km Speed Session & To Finish... Sprints!

The chosen session today was a 5km time trial, I was keen to get some speed in the session but I new my legs were still tired from the long run on the weekend, But that wasn't going to hold me back.

So, after our mile warm up we arrived at the Swansea 5km series start line, 30 seconds recovery from the warm up jog and off we went. It was a lovely evening and at clear views helped distract my mind from my tired legs. The route is an out and back course and as I raced last year I knew where the turn was and where the pain kicks in. I did some training last year, not as much as this year by any means but I knew the time I wanted to beat 22:34.

After puffing some more I got to the turn and a split of 9 and half minute split, I was VERY happy with this, but then you turn, into the breeze.. It was only a little breeze but enough to alter your rhythm and one thing you notice with running 5km is that your always on the flat out marker, the rev meter is always on the red.. as you always think its only 5km..

I noticed that the group of 3 of us on the way out, was now 2 and I was at the back of the group of 2... well after another 4 minutes the group turned into 1.. for the last 0.5 it felt like I was going backward unfortunately... and I finished with a time of 20:47... I wanted to do a 19 something... i know I was tired and race day you tend to go quicker but I don't like making excuses and I must try harder!

To finish the session we did 8 x 200 meter sprints, my recovery time is getting alot faster as it felt like I had just started the session and 5km race was a distant memory... well sort off!. Once the 200's were finished it was a mile back for the shower run.. I'll sleep well tonight I was shattered!

Todays session

Duration 00 49 47
Distance 6.01
Calories 807
Max HR 179 BPM

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Brick Number 2

After my 10 miler yesterday I woke up with stiff legs, I was scheduled a long bike session today but as I don't have another day off till next Friday I want to keep my legs in good condition to last till then, so I decided to do a short bike and short run.

My wife decided she wanted to tag along for this session as I planned to take it easy, she led the way on the bike most of the way so I enjoyed the drafting to give my legs a break, We decided only to do 5 miles on the bike, but after being out there for 4 miles I felt I could have gone on further, but that wasn't the aim of the brick session today, it was to cope with "jelly legs". After the relatively easy bike ride, it was home, quick dismount, and change my shoes and off we went again. Today I decided to wear my new 2XU triathlon suit, I did wear a Nike running shirt over the top of it and im still not confident enough to go out in just the triathlon suit. It was very comfortable and the padding on the butt helped when I was on the bike, even though I was only out for 5 miles.

The run was just a easy session, to stride it out and get used to cycling and running which im getting used to. I've got my first triathlon on the 1st May so fingers crossed I should be ready with transitioning and changing from bike to run... but who knows about pool to bike.

Todays session

Duration 00 40 26
Distance 7.28 (Bike 5.12 miles) & (Run 2.16 miles)
Calories 643
Max HR 191BPM



Saturday, 9 April 2011

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Great Saturday Run & 500 Miles For 2011

I had a crap nights sleep I think I was dreaming about running as I woke myself up a few times with "twitchy" legs, breakfast in bed didn't turn up so I thought I'd get out there an hit the pavement.

Saturday is the planned long run day and I was in 2 minds it was going to be 10 miles or 13.1 miles, my wife is borrowing her friends road bike and she told me she could pick me up at the destination but I only had hour or so to finish so I went with the 10 miles set.

The weather was stunning and ideal for running, so I missed breakfast (tut tut) and put Oakleys on and off I went... oh and my ipod ofcourse!

Its a great route to run, its the local cycle path route, from our house to the centre of Swansea and across the sea front. The light breeze on the sea front helped cool me down, its about 6 miles in so it was great relief to cool me down. I paced myself all the way on the run, I did work hard, but I made sure there was more in the tank as I've got a brick tomorrow.

Im still averaging around 7.40 minute miles, I hope I can get under 7.30 minute miles soon, on a training run Im happy with this pace but you can always go quicker.

This was the first run I've been on and I've had to stop because of a boat crossing, On my route I run through a marina, and at the precise time I wanted to cross the bridge all the lights start flashing and alarms sounding, there is a group of people standing in the way so I had no chance to cross before the boat came, so that delayed my time by about 5 minutes while I waited.

I was happy with the run and even happier I've hit 500 miles for the year so far!

Todays session

Duration 01 16 34
Distance 10 Miles
Calories 1392
Max HR 175BPM

Friday, 8 April 2011

Ladder Session...

Today's session was back with the triathlon club, it was a stunning evening again and ideal for running, the sun was setting and it was perfect temperature. The numbers have been quite low recently, im guessing because a few of the runners are doing the VLM so they are tapering.

The session was a ladder session 4 x (1min 98% Max HR & 1min recovery) 1 x (2min 98% Max HR & 2min recovery) 1 x (4min 98% Max HR & 4min recovery) 4 x (1min 98% Max HR & 1min recovery).

I really enjoy these session, the only bad thing about them is that it stops you getting a rhythm, its not that bad actually!

The laps show on average im covering the same kind of distance in each lap, which show im not tiring during the session, But the stats lie I was cream crackered by the end! Lucky for me its a rest day on Friday so my legs can get a day off but I've got to cut the lawns!

Todays session

Duration 00 50 29
Distance 5.07 Miles
Calories 663
Max HR 176BPM

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lost, Lorries, Lovely Weather & Lots of Hills...

What a beautiful day and its excellent conditions for training, Lucky for me thats what im doing, tonights choosen session was the bike!

I managed to get out of the office 30 minutes later than scheduled so I had to turbo walk home, get changed and get out on the road. I had chosen my route before hand so I knew where I was going, I thought!. I was following the route I ran and cycled last week but after looking on google maps I had found an additional 5 miles or so to the route so I set my sights on 15 miles-ish.I motored around the first 5.5 miles, I must have been on for a PB, well I've only done the route 3 times so I doubt that's hard!

Then I moved on to new territory...

And to start with a massive bloody hill, the thought went straight into my head, why am I doing this new route it looks all up hill... oh yes it was. I carried on the route for 2 miles and none of the terrain looked familiar to google maps when I checked earlier, but I still carried on until I got to a sign post... I did not recognise any of the names on the sign post ( apart from the direction I had came from). I was on top of a mountain by this time. I did stop for 2 minutes to admire the view I was lovely, the horizon was clear and you could see for miles. I did nearly take a tumble, as I was too busy looking at the view and forgot to unclip my shoes... I looked a right idiot thank god no one was about. I had been out for about 45 minutes and not seen one person, then right on queue 4 muck spreader lorries past me in quick succession, they stunk, and that smell stayed with me all the way home, even when I hit 34 MPH...

I really enjoyed my bike session today, I had been lost, met but the farmers in there lorries, caught the sun (I hope) and seen more hills tongitht than ever before on my bike... all in all a cracking session.

Todays session

Duration 01 00 25
Distance 12.80 miles
Calories 903
Max HR 166BPM

Its Getting Easier This Swimming Malarkey

I was ready for the swim today and my target is still to complete 2000 meters within the hour. It was also going to be a quick session because Spurs were on TV.

The pool opens to the public at 6pm and I was ready to get it at 6:01. I decided to keep it simple again by completing 5 x 400 meters. The pool lane was really quiet again so I could practise my tumble turns and not worry about holding people up or bumping into them on the turn when I push off the wall on a squiff!

My new goggles still work, they are still fogging up a little but its getting better, and I'm used to swimming in this hat stuff, I think it makes me go quicker and helps my breathing and makes my stroke better :) Well maybe not all of the above.

I've noticed I need less time to recover from the 400 meters now and I am getting alot quicker, I think im doing 400 meters in about 10 minutes which im happy with as I've submitted 10 minutes in the next mini triathlon im doing. Fingers crossed I wont be as tired when competing as I'll have no hope of doing well, I hope my adrenaline will pump in and I'll be fine!

On the last set of 400 there was a mass entrance to the pool and our lane went from 3 people to 7. I finished on a sprinted 50 and got out, my arms felt so heavy after only sprinting 50 meters, should I be worried? But I did complete 1950 meters before hand.

I'm thinking about asking if I can use my tri suit in the pool to try it out, see If can move any quicker!

Todays session

Duration 01 00 00
Distance 2000 meters

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Half Price XTERRA Transition Bag

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Monday, 4 April 2011

Training.. I've Missed You!

Well after my 2 days off, im back training. It felt funny not training for 2 days on the trot, my legs felt great and I was ready rock.

The session today was 8 x 600 meters with 1 minute recovery. This was a killer set, we did the session in the local park, and it wasn't flat! in this 600 meters it had 2 down hills and 2 up hills, and you definitely feel it from the 4th onwards. It was great to be back training in a group as it gets very boring training on your own. The guys I train with are great motivators and point out improvements whenever they think something could be beneficial.

7 out of the 8 sets was great for me, but when I completed the 7th set I felt a tightness in my left calf muscle so I took the last set easier.

Laps 2 to 18 are the 600 meters with the 1 minute recovery, lap 1 is my warm up and laps 19 to 21 are shuttle runs and lap 22 is the shower run. I was still happy, even after my 8th "take easy set" as still averaged under 8 minute miles. I'll try and get on the massage table tomorrow before the swim and before the Spurs game. Hope my wife can sort me out for my long run on Wednesday.

I'm thinking about arranging a holiday to Club La Santa, they are doing a beginners triathlon camp there, so anyone is interested check it out.

Todays session

Duration 00 45 48
Distance 4.96
Calories 667
Max HR 183BPM

Friday, 1 April 2011

April Fools Long Run

Thank god Friday is here, its been one of those weeks in work and I was grateful the working week was over. I worked that hard in and out the office that I've definitely earned the weekend off.

Today was a long run session, I decided to run the bike route I did the other night. Its the first time I've run it and it was a tough one. It was great to run a new route, with some cracking views. Its completed different to the normal urban route I do, the majority of the route is on the road, but the roads were deserted from runners, bikers, cars and horses.. even walkers... It was like everybody saw me coming and left!

On the route I saw a cracking road sign, I've never see it before and it made me laugh at the 7 mile mark, which made me forget the pain in my legs, for a split second!

Even though the route has a number of slow up hill gradients I still managed to keep to a 8 minute mile (and my legs are like steel) I was happy with the run. Its definitely warming up, summer is nearly here, I was soaked through with sweat again so I reckon I was dragging around an extra stone with my shirt drenched.. Yuk AGAIN!!!

My wife had run me a bath by the time I got home (No that's not an April fool), so I was straight in and the "LAZY" weekend can start!

Todays session

Duration 01 14 20
Distance 9.28 Miles
Calories 1290
Max HR 168BPM

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