Thursday, 17 March 2011

Zonal Run - Mission Failed

Tonight was a zonal run, 7.5 miles at a heart rate of 160BPM and I completed failed. I ran the 7.5 miles, but about 6 miles in I went over the 160 BPM and stayed over. I don't know why it did, but I do remember changing pace quite considerably to cross the road as some boy racer in his sported up Corsa wasn't in the mood for stopping to let me cross.

This is the last run in Swansea for me this week, as im off to Southampton to nephew sit, so I've planned my rest day for tomorrow, as I'm driving up and I know I wont be in the mood for running after driving 3 hours. Thursday is normally the club V02 max session which I really enjoy, so I have the planned set so im going to run in on Friday morning in the local park. I think this is going to be my local running route for the 5 days.

Back to tonights session, I'm back on week 1 so its a zonal run this Wednesday, so as said above its the normal route and stay in the zone. Its great to be back running in the light, its great knowing that summer is coming and you can dig out the short sleeved tops. I left the hat and glove at home and I wasn't too cold!

The pavements were lonely as there were no runners out, a few cyclists going home from work but that was about it. Its not the prettiest of routes, as it got not views to keep you distracted and you do run on a pretty uneven pavement so that's probably why im lonely.

I did have sore toes last night, but that's because one of my toe nails was really sharp and cut into the next toe along so I had a nice "bloody" sock when I got home but the trainers are still the dogs and I so glad I got them as "touch wood" I've had no problems with my legs since the trainer upgrade.

Even thought I failed the mission tonight, I was please with the run and its another 7.5 miles to the total.

Rest Day tomorrow.. woohoo!

Todays session

Duration 01 02 26
Distance 7.54 miles
Calories 1050
Max HR 168

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