Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunny Sunday Speedy Six (mile) Sesion

Today was all about speed and I had the time to complete a six mile run before Sunday dinner, a lovely beef dinner it was too courtesy of my mother in law.

I ran a simular route as yesterday, but at the crossroads i went straight over, yesterday I turned right and carried on for another 4 miles. Todays route was all about speed, I tried to keep a high work rate throughout the run and keep under the 8 minute mile marker. I did only just on mile 3. There were again no other runners out on the roads in this perfect weather, I saw 3 cyclists and that was about it. There was a slight chill in the air as my hands were cold as I didn't take any gloves again, surely the other runners out there weren't put off as they had run out of gloves?

My wife left at the same time as me but did a smaller route, and as part of the incentive of the run was to chase her down. She ran 4.5 miles and I was only 3 minutes behind her. I was happy as she did a PB and that I managed to get so close to her, even though I didn't see her in the distance at all. I even got up to a fastest pace of 5min 30 seconds mile pace, I'll be chasing those Kenyans pro racers! NOT! I even managed to get a haircut again today so tomorrow I should go even faster with less hair on my head.

Todays session

Duration 00 46 02
Distance 6.27 miles
Calories 871
Max HR 169BPM

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