Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Rocks Move Quicker...

Isn't it annoying when people know they are going slow and there is an empty "slower" lane next door but the brain fails on them and they just carry on.  I know im not a pro swimmer but at least I have some pool etiquette inside my head. I don't want to come across rude but this bloke wasn't the smallest thing in the world and thought he owned the pool. It wasn't a problem swimming past him until someone was coming the other way. Why don't people just think sometimes....

Rant over, and back to tonight set, I hadn't thought about the set as I'd had a pretty manic day and and if im honest forgot to think about it. When I got to the pool I decided to keep in simple and go for 400 meters x 5.  decided to swim with a cap on again and unlike last week it was very comfortable, and I forgot I had it on. My new goggles were excellent again, They did fog up a bit at the start of the session, but I gave them a little lick and they were fine. 

I would say out of the 5 sets 3 of them felt and looked pretty good, my stroke was pretty good and my breathing was spot on, but the 4th and 5th set they were, well... I think dreadful. I found myself closing my eyes again, which means I was cream crackered. I'm in 2 minds to have a weekend off to rest my poor legs.

Todays session

Duration 01 00 00
Distance 2000 meters

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  1. Great swimming, I feel your frustration, we dont have lane sessions at our pool so its awful trying to find somewhere to swim when you're training and others are there for a gossip


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