Friday, 11 March 2011

Rest Runs... Lovely Jubbly

After work today I managed to squeeze out a rest run, I do like rest runs, short distance, short duration... why cant every run be like this?

I ran a old school route I used to do before I moved offices, it normally runs 5 miles but there are a few options to extend or shorten the run and today it had the chop and I did 4 miles. I already had tired legs so I was VERY grateful I had the option to trim the run down.

I was really happy with the time, im still doing under 8 minute miles, well 7:32 to precise, even on a rest run. The route has some cracking urban views and the best one is the run past the Swansea Liberty Stadium, but on the flip side I ran past the local refuse center so I try and hold my breath when I run past as it stinks... YUK! But I suppose to a Cardiff City fan there both the same :)

Only more day left of training this week, big bike session or hour swim session with the club.. decisions decisions... as neither is going to be easy!

I also managed to get my hybrid tyres sorted on my road bike today, the bike doesn't look like the off road beast she once did, but its all for the greater good of triathlon training and who knows if I enjoy the triathlons as much as I think im going to I may purchase a road bike next season... I best get saving!

Todays Session

Duration 00 30 16
Distance 4.0 miles
Calories 559
Max HR 167BPM

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  1. Wow 7.32 on a REST RUN! crikey! You wanna start entering some races... you've a good chance of a prize!


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