Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Pleasant Mid Week Long Run

Today was my first mid week long run for the March training plan, a 10 miler for the cause. It was a lovely day so I thought I'd make most of the weather. The plan was to leave the house, run down to the sea front, meet the wife and get a lift home. I had planned my route (so I thought) as I ended up doing bloody 9.75 miles! Off I went with my bottle of lucozade in hand and new tunes on my ipod shuffle.

For being such a nice evening I didn't notice to many people out a few commuter cyclists but not many joggers, It was Llanelli half on the weekend so perhaps there all resting?

The first 6 miles was relatively easy, but when I hit the sea front, the breeze hit me, this did slow me down as it was hard running into it, so I kicked on and dealt with it.

Im happy im doing under 7:30 minute miles...

Todays session

Duration 01 12 34
Distance 9.75 (I did my measurements wrong)
Calories 1362
Max HR 174BPM

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