Saturday, 12 March 2011

New Wheels Make Me Go Faster..

What a lovely lie in, I do like the weekends, I wish everyday could be the weekend!

Today was a scheduled bike day or possibly a club swim it depended on how I felt when I woke up, as I went to bed with tired legs (still from Wednesday night). The extra few hours in bed obviously worked as I felt pretty good. As I said in yesterdays post I managed to sort out the road tyres for the off road bike so I was keen to try them out. I got myself sorted and off I went.

I had planned my route, I try to stay away from the busiest roundabouts and junctions so there is less chance of me having to stop. If I do stop, I have to unclip my shoes and I'm  not the slickest of unclipping at the moment so there is more chance of me falling off the bike so that's the last thing I want to do! Since discovering the cycle shoes I haven't looked back and they have help my peddle efficiency leaps and bounds.

I managed to navigate myself down to the turn point in Llanelli no problem at all apart from some speeding cars I breezed it. I stopped for 2 minutes to get some water down my neck and then turned to come home. Into the wind, Oh my god it was a killer.. and I seem to hit a wall at about the 18 mile marker. I plodded on and got home, cleaned the bike and then jumped into a hot bath so I could feel my feet and hands again!

I'm so happy.. rest day tomorrow!

Todays session

Duration 01 55 42
Distance 26.05 miles
Calories 1524
Max HR 152BPM

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