Sunday, 27 March 2011

My First Brick Session

Well after a disappointing rest day at the international foortball yesterday, today I decided that I would attempted my first brick session. 10 mile and a 2.5 mile run.

I took the bike route relatively easy and tried to keep my heart rate low, there were a few hills on the route but they were mainly small inclines so the legs didn't get a massive workout. This was a new route for me, its was lovely, quiet roads, brilliant views and smooth surface for the bike. All right there were a few pot hole, but the road was very quick, which was great for getting some speed up. I've been looking for a new route to run and cycle and I think I've found it! (Thanks Vicki).

I was looking forward to seeing how my transition goes, I had cycle shorts on and bike trousers on over the top,  so at the change point I had to take my bike shoes off, trousers off, bike shorts off and put my running shoes and shorts on. I've got lock laces so I don't need to tie my laces up. I think my transition was about 2 minutes, its on the Garmin, I just pressed the lap button so I think its a close-ish reflection.

Then, the run, I wanted to work harder on the run and the first mile I had the technical term of "jelly legs" I was only planning a 2.5 mile run but it was far enough to get the concept of coming off the bike straight into the run. I think in April I will have lots more brick sessions planned so my legs, arms, head get used to the transitioning. I really enjoyed today, I'll to today again!

Bike set

Run set

Todays session

Duration 01 00 49
Distance 11.92
Calories 1008
Max HR 177BPM


  1. Well done!! I've always thought that would be the hardest thing about Triathalons (apart from my lack of swimming ability)as I can barely walk when I get off a bike, let alone run! Just one question... and I'm likely to be being really thick here... but why's it called a brick session?

  2. "Bike/Run It Can Kill" Is what I believe it to be? but I might be wrong?

  3. I wore tri shorts for my duathlon, minimal padding, but ok to run in, do they do them for blokes, it would save transition time.


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