Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Meetings, Meetings and More Meetings = Quick Cycle

What a busy day in work, meetings started at 8:30 and carried on all day and I finally got home about two hours later then planned. Wednesday is normally my long run night, but it didn't happen, for a number of reasons, my legs are tired and I've decided that im definitely going to have the weekend off so I can rest. The other reason was that I was late leaving work so I lost the light and I had to make dinner for when my wife got home from work. She probably wont like me using her as an excuse but fingers crossed she wont read this part :) I made a lovely curry and it went down nicely with some peshwari naans.

I decided to do the same route as I did Sunday on the bike, but I decided to give it some welly tonight, I'm really enjoying my cycling at the moment. Since I changed the wheels its become alot easier, and as we are soon to become a one car family I'll be using the bike a bit more, I hope the wife buys me some lights. I didnt see anyone else out tonight, just like my other routes. Im either the only person in Swansea training or I'm just training in the wrong place?. I know summer is on route, but it was still bloody cold out on the bike, I wish I had taken my gloves. Its my birthday in a month so fingers crossed I'll get some money so I can pick up some stuff in the sale at Wiggle.

My thighs are a little sore so I know I've had a worked out, and im waking myself up in the middle of the night with twitching legs so as said above I'll be looking forward to a weekend off and fingers crossed I'll get some good sleep as recently I haven't.... maybe its down to my legs or my wife!.

I've been really enjoying cleaning my bike to, scrubbing the chain with a toothbrush is my favourite at the moment, its really therapeutic!

I think if im enjoying my cycling in 18 months as much as I am now I think I'll take the plunge and get a road bike, but the main question is where the hell am I going to put it as my shed is rammed full and the current bike is stored in the hall. Before I get a new bike though I might get the bike accessories for the forerunner 305... It would be interesting to check out my cadence on the bike.

Todays session

Duration 00 41 05
Distance 9.32 miles
Calories 620
Max HR 149BPM


  1. Get the Garmin 310XT. Technology has moved on quite a bit since the 305. It's designed for multisport events and is waterproof (still need the cadence attachment for the bike though)

    Secondly For Goodness Shakes bottles are in Tesco for £1.00 each until the end of April, so stock up.

  2. Mmmmm... that curry looks nice...

    And thanks Steve of comment above... I've been looking for where to find them, I'll be making a trip to Tesco this week I think!


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