Saturday, 19 March 2011

Long Run Saturday Away From Home

Its Saturday and its my long run day, I try and do them 1st thing when I get up as I feel better for some reason, but as im on "holiday" I decided to have a lazy morning, and go out after the Spurs game. Well after that Spurs I wish I had gone during the game!

Its been a lovely day, sun is shinning, ideal conditions for running, so I stuck on me Oakleys and off I went.

I felt great all the way around the run, I tend to have a shady patch within the first 2 miles but it never arrived. Is this the next step on the ladder of progression, who knows, well I have a run tomorrow so I'll let you know.

I took out my new shiny Ipod Nano, I totally forgot to songs on it so I was lucky enough to have a radio function so I listened to BBC Radio 1, and every now and then I got the news updates of the premiership scores.

The route has got some cracking views and the majority of the running is on quiet roads, I past about 4 cyclists but no runners today, perhaps they all ran in the morning, and to top thing off I left me bloody Garmin at home so I had to plot the run on map my run. Note to self remember watch tomorrow.

Todays session

Duration 01 28 00
Distance 10.92 miles

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