Thursday, 31 March 2011

Light... But Hard Session

Well its arrived, my first club session that started and ended in the daylight on a Thursday evening! No need to for street lights, but it was a killer of a session.

The session was 3 x 5 minutes at 90% HR with 4 minute recovery at 80% and then 90 seconds at 98% with 60 seconds recovery.

I averaged out at 0.75 miles per 5 minutes which I found really hard, running at that intensity for 5 minutes was a killer. I couldn't wait for for the recovery 4 minutes. This table shows my splits during the session.

I had to walk in the recovery zone in laps 8, 10 and 12. I was complete knackered. I put on my rain running jacket as before I left the house we had a heavy shower and the sky looked like more rain was to come. Thankfully no more rain came but my jacket was drenched due to amount of sweat I lost during the session.


It did work hard as my heart rate got up to 190BPM, it hasn't been that high for a while!

I only got one more session left this week, Its been a tough month on my legs and im in two minds what to do for the last session of the week, hills, or a long run. I'll sleep on it and decide tomorrow!

Todays session

Duration 00 56 15
Distance 5.45 Miles
Calories 706
Max HR 190BPM

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  1. I'm not surprised you were knakered... that's one tough session... I'm always impressed thought when I read what you've put yourself through!


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