Monday, 7 March 2011

KM Efforts...

Tonight was an excellent, short and sharp session. The group was back to a normal amount of attendance so the banter was great. I worked that hard mind tonight I could give much out as I was sucking up the air in my recovery minutes.

The session was 2km, 1km, 0.5km, 0.5km and finish with a 2km. The session also included a warm up, warm down and some stretching. As the "fasties" have been ill or coming back form injury I had the unfortunately task of leading he pace on the group tonight. This was meant to be not a flat out session, but just touching the red on rev-o-meter, boy I found it hard to lead but I enjoyed the challenge and took it on with both hands.

The statistics don't lie I worked hard as my Max HR was 181 and 94% of my maximum heart rate, it was a tough one but as I said above it was a brilliant work out. I got up to a 4:46 mile pace, that is the fast i've ever gone on a flat, but on average 5:30 - 6:00 minute mile pace, which is perfect. I have a long run planned on Wednesday, I'd like to stay under the 7:45 minute mile pace.

I used my new shoes - Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11, they are the best thing since "sliced bread" Brooks have released a better trainer than the 9's and I'm very grateful. It felt like I was running in my slippers tonight. I also invested in some lock laces, a different experience, as it didn't feel like they were tight enough, but my foot wasn't moving in the shoe and there was no sign of blisters! YES! I'll keep you posted on th laces front as I hope it will save me those vital seconds in transition at the tri events.

Todays session

Duration 00 41 18
Distance 4.85 miles
Calories 654
Max HR 181

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