Thursday, 24 March 2011

Just A Little Bit Longer...

Last night was suppose to be my long run night, and I did run over 8 miles, but am I sad now thinking 8 miles isnt really that far, Am I turning into a proper runner and moving on to the next step?

The route gets a little "ropey" at the turn for home as I ran past 2 pubs with boarded up windows so I think I may need to look at a new route, I did run past some shady looking people, and with my Oakleys and Ipod on I don't think I would/did feel to safe, but at least it keeps me on my toes and I tend to go quicker through these parts. I doubt I'd run through if it was dark!.

The weather has been great recently, I hope it lasts its ideal for running and cycling, I need to get my grab bars fitted to the bike so it will make me go faster on rides, honest!

I managed to cram an extra 0.82 of a mile in the run tonight, I was aiming for the 1.5 so I need to find a longer route for my long runs, I'll probably drive down to the sea front and run along there in future. I hate finishing my runs on a hill, our house is at the top of a half a mile inclined, when we move house I've told the wife we are moving to a place where the house finishes either down hill or on a flat.

I had a free sample sent to me from Maxi muscle of one of there gels and to be fair I think it did a pretty good job. I took it on the 45 minute mark, I tend to take a bottle of lucozade sport with me if im out for longer than an hour, but I gave the maxi-fuel a go and it definitely gave me the last push on the last 2 miles and to get up the last hill by the house. The sample was called Maxifuel Viper Gel - HERE Lemon & lime flavour, it didn't taste to bad, was easy to swallow and didn't give me any stomach cramps. I enjoyed the experience so much I think I'll go and purchase some. I've used a number of gels in the past but these seem to be pretty good for a first trial. Its definitely easier carrying one of the than a big bottle of lucozade sport.
Todays session

Duration 01 07 13
Distance 8.31 Miles
Calories 1161
Max HR 173BPM

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