Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I Love Recovery Runs...

What a lovely day today was, beautiful blue skys, Summer is definitely on route, its great walking to and from work in the light.

Wednesday is my recovery run day, same drill keep the heart rate at 160 BPM and under, I am running the new route well new as in an extra mile, I'm feeling the extra mile in my legs, but its manageable and I'm really enjoying my running so I don't mind. I did pass 2 other runners tonight, unfortunately for them I left them for dust. I tend not to see many people out running and its normally just me and my ipod, I've put the new Ministry of Sound Annual 2011 on it, its probably worth giving that one a miss if your off out to buy it, its tripe.

On the run today I left the training zone once on the last 200 meters, which is up hill to my house, I was really disappointed I went above the threshold. The above shows my elevation on the route and the heart rate throughout the run. I wont be doing a zonal run next week as im now on my March training plan, which you can see under my training schedule tab at the top.

Todays session

Duration 01 04 20
Distance 7.52 Miles
Calories 1044
Max HR 163BPM

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