Saturday, 26 March 2011

Grab Bars & City Cycle

My new grab bar ends arrived yesterday so I wanted to get them fitted with my local bike technician, to be fair he's the muts nuts when it comes to bikes, I wouldn't go anywhere else now! Places like Halfords will have cheap bikes and when putting them together they will probably make them worse... so stay clear is my advice!

I bought these HERE and to be fair they look pretty good and do the business pretty good to! I noticed the difference in posture straight away. A good investment I feel, thanks to the guys at triathlon world who recommended them.

I only had an hour set planned as I had to be home, washed, and ready to be picked up at 17:30 as I was out with some friends in town for a birthday bash. All you could eat buffet in the new COSMO restaurant in Swansea. I had been dreaming about this food all day and I was determined to get my monies worth and of course load up on the training foods like... Chinese food and ice cream :)

I cycled to town and back home, a very similar route to one I run, the roads weren't to bad considering it was 16:00 on a Friday evening, I think people had left work early to get some sunshine in there day and I do not blame them. To finish the route I decided to conquer a hill that I split into 2 when im running, but this time I was determined to smash it in 1 on the bike. Ouch... it wasn't a massive climb by any means, just a steep one. I stayed in the saddle all the way up, dropped the gears and kept peddling as if my life depended on it. Well technically it did, as I was clipped in by my feet and if I stopped I was to tired to unclip and I would have fallen over, and who knows what could of happened next!.

I could feel my legs start to tighten when I neared the summit, I had run 20 odd miles this week already and it felt like they were saying "why are you doing this to us" my simple response was for the greater good!

Well Ive got a rest day on Saturday, as im off to Cardiff for the day to watch Wales v England in the football. Come on Wales!

Todays session

Duration 00 53 05
Distance 8.86 miles
Calories 595
Max HR 162BPM

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  1. I'd say good luck in the football... but I wouldn't really mean it... so I'll just say enjoy yourself instead!! :-)


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