Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Endurance Swim.. Well Kind Of...

Last nights set was going to be simple, 2 x 750 meters. This will probably be the furthest I've swam in one hit, non stop for as far as I can remember. The distance of 750 meters is 30 lengths of the 25 meter pool, and I had to do this twice!

The session didn't start the greatest, as I left my goggles at home, I knew my wife was good for something as she packed a spare pair which I took, the hippy like pink lenses kept my eyes dry throughout the session.

We were a little later than normal getting into the pool, due to the fact I had to go down the post office to pick up my parcels I missed from the postman, my new phone and my new bar ends of the bike, so I'll get them sorted and thats a new place for me to grab when im out on the bike...I hope they make me feel less nackered when riding :)

I have troubles counting my lengths in the pool, but last night I managed to stay focused enough to complete the required distances, I did the first 750 meters in about 18 minutes, so I suppose that is my baseline. I now know where to work from. I had 4 minutes rest in between the sets and the second set took be about 22 minutes. obviously the first set was going to be quicker than the last as I had more energy in when I got in the pool. I was kind of dreading doing that distance as it looks and sounds so far, but I think I coped relatively well with it and these triathlon swim distances don't seem so bad as they once did.

When I had finished the distance swims my wife helped me out with my technique with my arms and my breathing, with my left arm im tending to pull it across my body and im turning my head up to high to breath. I think there all connected and Vicki tells me so, so it must be! I spent about 15/20 minutes going through my technique in the empty pool lane which I think will definitely help me as every little thing I can gain on my swim the better. I think I'm in the pool on Saturday so I'll try my best to remember what I've been taught tonight.

Todays session

Duration 01 00 00
Distance 1500 meters (750m x 2)

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